Musketeer lack of variety


I would like to know what other musketeers thoughts are on adding more orbs. Specifically adding a 5th orb into the rotation. I feel like renew, cure wounds, life well, and shield should always be handy, but adding a 5th orb might make things more interesting. Having 4 for old orbus was fine considering how powerful our heals were. Perhaps giving us another option for our battle rez would help also. I’ve seen many times where the Rez wasn’t an option due to needing weakness orb or decurse. I’d just like to be able to use more than the standard 4 healing orbs at our disposal.


I’ll give you guys an extra orb when you give rangers an extra arrow. Complaining that you don’t have enough variety at 4 abilities while there are classes with only 2 is somewhat laughable.


With the amount of interrupts that are needed, I’d kill for 1 more orb slot.


Because DPS class vs Support is the same thing…lol. But why not make a different thread rather than try and derail mine?


I’ll entertain your tangent long enough to point out that Rangers have 4 abilities at any given time: 2 arrows, charge shot, and trap. Still less than the other classes, but still more than what is claimed.

Now, back to musketeer, I’m slightly disappointed that you only get 4 orbs for a fight but I’m glad it’s not 20 skills to keep track of like other RPGs. I think the game design philosophy puts emphasis on cool down control and opportunity cost, which to me makes a game more challenging and rewarding than just managing a resource pool. It’s a fair tradeoff that allows skill to shine in individual healers, and I appreciate that.


I mean… Trap is the number one most complained about “ability” because it fizzles half the time and is completely useless on all elites and bosses. Charged shot is pretty much always used on piercing arrow, so really we only have 2.


This is orbus, everyone is every class.
There is no we and them, if you prefer one class, play it!

Ranger could really use a third arrow, and with the new system, musky could use a fifth orb. I’m sure Riley will add it eventually, just as he will add new spells for the mage eventually. (Something he is avoiding because it will mess with all current spell shortcuts as far as I know)