Musketeer Orbs act differently

So I was attacking a spirit today and accidentally fired a healing orb at it. It was damaged. I thought, ok- Undead, yeah that makes sense.

Then I figured I’d test it out on a Fox. Damage. Oh dear. That’s not right.

Then I went a step further and got into close combat with a Fox and fired a shield at it. It damaged the enemy and put the shield on me. Same for healing orbs, although the area heal didn’t constantly damage the enemies.

I was guessing this might have to do with accuracy, and not hurting your party members if you miss? If it was intentional and not a bug. But it also means accuracy matters less when playing as a Healer, don’t need to aim for the friendly character when you can damage the enemy and still apply heal to a tank near the enemy. Seems a bit flawed to me.

it’s always done that hasn’t it. i basically just aim at the enemy mob and fire whatever healing orb is off cooldown because the splash applies it to all allies and the weapons damage is still applied to the enemy.

it’s why i’m arguing musketeer is in need of drastic complication

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There is a basic amount of damage each “bullet” from your gun does. The orbs do an effect in addition to that. So even if you hit an enemy with a Shield orb, you are still doing the same amount of damage to it as you would have done if you had just fired a bullet at it. The healing won’t affect it, though (or do damage to it).

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