Muskie healing broken in reborn



I reported this in the previous test and in the threads for this one and it hasn’t been acknowledged so I’m giving it it’s own thread because it needs addressing as muskie is supposed to the the main healer

Cure Wounds is not healing for anywhere close to what it does in the current game and feels crap when it only heals for around 35%


I think I have stated this in multiple threads before, but a) the existing classes have not had their pass of us re-working and tweaking them, and b) the game has not been balanced yet between the classes. It’s very likely there all kinds of things wrong in that area right now…I saw another thread saying Bard is way overpowered or something currently.

We will do this later in the process, our primary goal right now is just getting the main core systems in place, then as you know we will do balancing passes later. It’s entirely possible that amount is out of whack with the rest, or it’s entirely possible it’s correct and it’s just a function of the fact that we overall made combat last longer, so it takes more attacks for a monster to kill you now. But we will look at that when we balance things.


I understand finetuning balance for all classes is still on the list, but this one point is a serious hindrance for testing. If something is OP that’s not hurting anyone, even PvP is just for fun and giggles rn, but testing all the new group content without heals is hard. Musky is the only class so far which is reported ‘broke’, compared with the originals. Perhaps it’s possible to buff the musky heals quickly and all the rest of classes can wait…?


Hehe talking about a broken class. I am very sure the warrior provoke healing is also way less then in the normal Orbus. And even worse, the game decides a lot for me that the warrior shield is not working anymore. Mobs hit through it no matter how you hold it. I already reported it (on discord). Luckily there are no tankbusters in reborn, yet.

Didn’t report the slower healing though because I need to verify that with normal Orbus having a low lvl character + low lvl sword.


Im sorry to say this, but in pvp this lowered healing made healers way more balanced… the instant full heal was always OP


I’m talking about in group PvE play, shooting a cure wounds at someone and expecting to fully heal them and it barely takes them to half health, feels bad


Maybe, but with the enemies in the beta it’s not much of a problem. A battle really should not requier instant a full heal shot. I know a lot of the current orbus ones do.


So yeah just to make sure expectations are clear here, I will take a look at the healing situation before the next Beta and make sure it’s at least somewhere close to what we want it to be. That said, that doesn’t at all mean it’s definitely going to be the same “one cure wounds orb = 1 full health bar” tuning it’s at now. A lot of the variables have changed in Reborn, particularly the amount of health players and monsters have compared to how much damage they do. Meaning, just like the cure wounds orb may not heal a full health bar, there also aren’t attacks anymore that are designed to instantly drain a full health bar, either (we are trying to get away from that for the most part).

So just making sure everyone is aware, just because the tuning is different than the current game, doesn’t mean it’s broken or wrong. It’s just a reflection of us going in a different direction on how we are handling things. At the same time, that may mean for example the tuning of how often a Cure Wounds orb is available is changed as well, etc.

Specifically on the PvP front, all incoming damage on players is doubled right now (and healing is not) because we agreed that we wanted PvP to feel more dynamic and dangerous than it did in the past. But that only applies to PvP, not PvE content.


rangers, mages and warriors could all insta kill someone with a crit(with a variety of difficulty to do so), so now we can all one shot without a crit since its doubled?


So basically you have more health now compared to how much damage any attack does from before. So I don’t think that will end up being the case, no.

I’m just trying to give you all an idea of how it’s going end up working in the end. We have not done tuning of damage/health specifically yet for all classes, so it may not work that way right now.