Musky/Bard/Shaman Bug - Related?

It is starting to seem like the bugs affecting Shaman Totems, Bard Instruments & Musky Orbs are related.

  • Shaman: Sometimes no totem, sometimes no orb.

  • Musky: Sometimes no turret, sometimes no orb effect.

  • Bard: Sometimes the notes light up & nothing happens when hit. Sometimes no notes light up at all no matter how long you play.

What are your thoughts?


I have had this happen on occasion.

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It’s even worse in raids. It’s gotten to the point where I refuse to play Bard in raids because it bugs out so much that it’s more frustrating than fun at this point.


Thanks @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka & @Gabe_C.

Don’t know how related they are, but there’s also the scoundrels not being able to grab cards, and Rangers having their arrows visually spawn before they’re actually back, which can lead to ruined rotations.
I also get “ghost pips” on paladin quite often. I’ll actually get pips from raising my hammer, but out neither shows the pips nor shows the cooldown for raising my hammer.


Am thinking they may be related because they keep happening in the same type of scenarios.

The ghost pips & cards are good points as well.

Though the pip thing seems to just happen whenever, not sure if it is as related as the others.

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Been playing Bard for nearly 5 months, And all I can say is that yes, this is a really bad problem with bard.

However, There are two “fixes” I’ve found.

1; Pop a crecendo of another instrument. Sometimes it just incorrectly updates. And the instrument will immediately pop up and ready when you do this. (Doesn’t work 100% of the time. More like 85%)

2; Unselect instrument and reselect.

Those are the only things that I found that work mostly consistently. Other than switching from bard to another class and then back.


This is true and incredibly frustrating, seems like it’s a ui issue

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