Musky (Muski ) Musketeer's issues in Orbus

Hi OrbusVR Developers,
I appreciate if you look into and fix the following 3 issues the Muski’s classes are having more frequently lately after the Highsteppe updates.
I have chatted with others and they are experiencing the same issues.

1. Turret disappears and never respawn.
Turret disappeared more frequently in dgs and raids. We held and threw the turret from hologram but no turret spawned till we re-log or re-awaken. It is affecting the game play significantly as we cannot resurrect during the battle.

2. Bounced heals/shield talents do not work consistently.
It’s noticeable more often in the raids. After muski gun was charged the orb and if the player moved and shot, there was no bouncing affect animation nor healed. Then, the orb that being charged is still in rotation.
It means that charged orbs was never bounced at all.
This issue is not consistently triggered. It happens randomly, but most frequently in raids.

3. Orbs didn’t respawn consistently.
Sometimes, there were no orbs during the battle and suddenly all 4 orbs appeared. It messed up our rotation and couldn’t heal effectively in high level dgs and raids.

Thank you.


I have all three of these issues frequently too. I thought I just wasn’t charging the orbs long enough, but then I would still see them in my rotation like I never shot it. For the turret, I can also switch classes and switch back to musky to get my turret back, but I can’t do that during battle.


Agree, these issues are preventing musky’s to effectively heal.


I’ve had all these issues as well, very frustrating.

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Thank you for reporting, and we’re sorry for the frustration. We intend to look at these issues in the near future, once we have a chance to delve once again into class debugging.


The turret disappearing is a big one. It happens a lot and it permanently takes away like 1/2 of your passive healing output until you leave combat and switch classes back and forth.

Another massive issue is when you shoot an orb and the game will take the orb out of your gun and do a normal shot instead. This causes me to sometimes kill my turret instead of empowing it.

Overall I think the class is actually fairly stable but anytime bugs do happen they are incredibly punishing because missing a single healing orb or unexpectedly losing your turret can wipe your party.


The bug where your charged cure wounds or renew turns into a normal charged shot that kills the turret happens to me a lot. Wish they could fix it.


I have had this happen off and on for about a year and a half now but not enough that it ever is to much for my situation but is extremely frustrating when you are wanting to res someone.

For me I had this happen a lot around a year ago but hasn’t happened to me that I notice lately that isn’t a desync issue from another player just not getting heals at all.

This one I have had happen a hand full of times since the update for highsteppe and it has only happened on raids for me.

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Just following up on this, we had some time to go into debugging musketeer before tomorrow’s patch, and we have a potential fix for the “Turret disappears and never respawns” issue coming out in the update.


Is that potential fix another bandaid or is it fixing the cause of the problem though? With this i mean that many of us are guessing the cause of this issue as well as shaman orbs/ranger arrows/scoundrel cards/class switches etc are releated.

My point is, if it is another “bandaid fix”, how long do you think you feasibly keep applying these types of “fixes” before the hours invested become larger than the effort you would need to find and fix the root cause?
(if that point has not been reached already)

We’ve got another potential fix coming next week, for this issue in particular - from the testing we’ve done it’s looking promising. If it’s successful in stopping all of those timing issues, we should be able to roll it out to certain other classes that are set up in a similar way.



Like pally books or pips maybe? :heart_eyes:

drums fingers excited to see where this goes. Thank you!


Now that sounds promising and in the right direction :+1:

I just started playing yesterday (was gonna do warrior, fell in love with musketeer) and kept having to relog to get my turret back. This game is truly amazing and thank you for the work you’re doing in trying to fix this bug!

To get your turret back you can also switch classes and back :slight_smile:

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I made the smoothbrain choice of scrapping all my other class gear lol. I’ll grab some more when I get on later thanks!

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Hi, welcome to Orbus! Sorry to hear the bug is still happening, would you be able to record a quick clip of it glitching out so we can take a look?

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Yep can do. I should have a bit of time to play today so ill try get one. Oddly enough the few days it has rarely happened, maybe only once or twice.


It’s been a couple days since the fix for the orb timing has been implemented and we haven’t received a report of it happening yet, can folks try it out a bunch this weekend if it is confirmed to have resolved the issue so we can look at adding it to some other mechanics?


It’s still happening. Orbs are being shot but not doing anything and instantly respawning. Orbs are appearing at odd times.

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