My friend can play but i can't?


(I don’t actually know how this forum works, so i apologise if this is in the wrong section or whatever)
I heard that if i want an actual answer from a dev i need to post here rather than reddit

Yeah so i’m wondering why can’t i play OrbusVR but my friend can?
I was playing yesterday but all of a sudden i can’t play now?
and before you ask neither of us actually own the base game.

When i go to login, i login and it just takes me back to the login page and says “You need the base game to play” of which i find to be false because my friend was logged in and playing without me, he doesn’t own the base game either. I made a new account and the same exact thing happened. so it’s nothing to do with the account. I really do hope someone can give me an appropriate answer to this problem.


Were you playing over the weekend? It was an open beta then, but that’s over now.


So the check that we’re doing to allow you into the Closed Beta is basically “have you ever owned the game on Steam or Oculus.” My guess is your friend played the game during the Steam free weekend or something like that at some point, so that’s why it is allowing him to play. But as others have said, the Open Beta is over now and the Closed Beta lasts until the 8th.


So this means people who played in the open beta can now play the closed beta?..


I think he’s talking about the gold rush event.


Yeah i was playing in the weekend pretty sure.
Maybe in my timezone and not the servers timezone though.