My menus are in inconvenient places when using WMR fresh install all the things are done right


WMR HEADSET everything is updated, and I had this issue before too, game always does this ever since I got wmr and I cant play because of it

and physically moving my body in the room is not an option due to me being bedridden, I cant get up because of illness

is there something I can do? anything? I really want to play this u.u


You rock. Thank you.


I think this is due to SteamVR and where you set the “front” of your play space. Mine is set where my computer is and the log in menu is always there even though I’m normally always facing to the wall to the left


I dont really understand what your question is, but I think the quick command to reset view in WMR is Ctrl + space


Sounds like a WMR setup problem, try redrawing room and the placement of your headset should be Center. Orbus dose not oficially support WMR but kind of works anyway.


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