My rogue is a ninja

I know there are other rogue class suggestions, but I feel that this one may be a little different. Mostly because it’s really a ninja class. The class I’m suggesting is equipped with a throwing glaive or giant shuriken. This weapon is used for melee or ranged damage. To use it as a ranged weapon: grab it from your back, swing that bad boy like you’re the best frisbee player ever, and let go of the grip when your ready to send it flying. For melee: hold on to that grip button while you swat flies with everything you’ve got.

I’m not an artist, but I figured I could make something to get the idea across a little better than a bunch of text.

So now on to a bunch of text.

The player can throw this weapon, hit an enemy, and catch it to build a damage bonus. This bonus is increased by the distance between the player and the target.
However, the massive shuriken will lose its buffs if it hits the ground. It will also stay on the ground until the player picks it up.

Don’t eat that dirt just yet, when the shuriken is away from the player, pressing the grip button while holding another button (button mapped to your liking) will make the player teleport to the shuriken. The player will appear at the ground level with the shuriken to prevent them from being teleported into trees, the air, or off the map. The weapon will be in the hand the player used to press the necessary buttons when activated.

When the giant flying bladed weapon hits a target, it will continue to fly to the range set by the strength of the throw before arcing back toward the player unless teleport is activated or a certain upgrade is used.

I thought of some weapon upgrades involving a choice between explosive detonation or hand-guided flight-control (using the force of course). Before dedicating a bunch of patience to making low quality gifs of them in action, I want to see if there is an interest in any of this in the first place.

Sounds like golden egg but okay im down.

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