My suggestions for the upcoming classes


So I really wanted to make this thread just to talk about the most fun (in my opinion) and most underrated part of the game, RITUALS! So when I say rituals I am actually referring to quite a few things, the first of course being the actual rituals preformed by the runemage which are spells that take multiple runes and have a HUGE impact (the reason I enjoy this so much is because of the idea that you can work on one thing (one spell) that requires some time and skill to create but has a unmatched effect on the field) the reason why I mention this is because of the new bard and Shamen classes, particularly the shamen, this could leave a HUGE opportunity to have a more slow and methodical “casting” idea, where say you are able to place certain statues in overlapping shapes and create a effect that has EXTREME offensive power that is equal or above the amount of time that you put in times DPS. The second “ritual” in the game is that with the Musketteer where if you place a turret and then shoot it with a status effect bullet, it makes a AOE of said status. This idea of a ritual is more based on a “prep” idea where you need multiple things in place before you can have a masterpiece unfold. One way that this can be used in the new classes is with synergy between class abilities or with one class that has so much in their arsenal that they can set up a HUGE attack.

Thank you for reading about my personal favourite part of the game and I hope the dev team takes my ideas to heart!

Sincerely Frost


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