Mysterious snoring!

It was about 3am EST and I was in a party with 2 other people and I kept hearing snoring as if someone nearby had fallen asleep. At first I thought oh maybe I left discord running and someone fell asleep but no it wasn’t from there. I decided to just ignore it as best as I could when one of my party members comments he heard snoring as well, grateful that I wasn’t crazy I told them I’d been hearing it for a while. We were killing red tails near the farm when the 3rd member of my party started hearing it too. We never were able to find out where it was coming from and we aren’t sure if we were the only ones able to hear it.


After you left we heard it getting louder. It was that dude that way idling next to the farm.

So someone in-game was actually snoring on their mic? Or it was an NPC?

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it was a person on their mic, unless npcs can actually snore and have voices

That is freaking hilarious! I am going to look for that xD

Holy crap! XD That is great! Talk about some dedication.

I was there too (Theo). I’m pretty sure it was our pet dragons. I heard the snoring again several times while soloing.

I heard the dragon snore, it was different than the guy snoring.