Name changes on enemies

so we have

and then Barking, Enraged, Elit, Rushed, Shield versions of this. Can we all agree that they are very similar? As its important to tell these apart in kill missions this brings me to my suggestion:

Can we get a proper name change so we easier can tell them apart? First letter change, length of the name or easy to remember parts would be the easiest way to tell the difference

Stafrusher --> RushStafer
Stafraster --> Stafer
Stafrute --> RootStafer
Stafrage --> MageStafer

Note how the previous require maybe 3-4 reads to tell apart, yet the second can be clearly distinguished at a glance?


Or what about… MageStuffer … :smiley:

(Hm good idea in principle, but I think at current point it’s hopeless to ask for changes :stuck_out_tongue: … in dungeons by now we tell them apart by “Flying guy” “Bolty guy” “Little guy” “Smashy guy” etc. anyways and somehow in my head they are just that in the overworld, while for the quests I use Potato’s map :D)

main problem is that all the defining parts of the names start with the same letter, changing that as well as splitting the name into 2 I think would be the best option. This would also make the names more consistent with most of the other mob names in the game.

something like
Stafrusher -> Staf Rusher
Stafraster -> Staf Caster
Stafrage -> Staf Wizard(Druid?, Mage?)
Stafrute -> Staf Brute(or Root maybe)


To make a serious comment also, a space would make it more readable, even if starting with Staf.

  • Wizard (OR Witch, because actually that is in the quest description) will likely be good since the purple flying guys are also wizards, so the player could connect Wizard/Witches = flying.

  • Stafrute - I think from their whole appearance Brute fits better than Root, since these act the most “brutal” with the smash and all (if those are the big guys; I seriously can’t remember always myself)

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amazing how hard they are to distinguish. And we are the people that played from the beginning of reborn, remember just starting?

Also Elite, Enraged, Rushed or whatever shouldn’t matter when killing for a quest, separating them is just mean.

It is like saying please catch fish. No, no, not sunfish, just fish


I’d say it depends on the quest/mission, if it’s a quest/mission for just killing stafrushers, then sure, all the variants should count. But for a quest/mission specifically stating “Sapling Stafrushers” or “Elite Tear Wizards” you shouldn’t be able to kill any of the variants and still get credit, you should have to kill the specific mob it requests.


Especially since enraged is reserved for unscaled, I believe, which are easier to kill in most zones (depends on player level though, sometimes harder).

But they look different though.
Stafr usher - Rusher (short one without bomb)
Stafr aster - Caster (one with the staff)
Stafr ute - Brute (huge one with the club)
Stafr age - Mage (flying one)

I think they need to make the “Elite” bigger though…so I know not to mess with them LOL.

They do have a few to many different types for this to be ok. if it was just normal and elite id be fine with it, but it’s barking, elit, enraged, sapling, rusher… and a few that look the same but have fully different names like hoard and spice thief

+1 to a name change. everyone calls them by smashy guy or fly guy because the names are too similar.

You can distinguish between them after 2, 3 times of thinking about it but it should just be clear in my opinion.

Also the Elite vs Enraged vs ‘normal’ minions but have a star by there health to show there enraged but there not enraged its a different enrage is confusing (or on second thought its not enrage its elite but not the text elite its an ‘elite mob’ - just why?). It became very apparent how confusing it was during the explore the realm when me and a friend couldn’t find the right type of minion a couple of times even after checking everywhere we could think of.

so +1 to just simplifying it in some way

barking are the ones with bombs on them, they’re a separate mob.

if they want to pretend its the same mob with a bomb on its back and give it the same name, it should count to the kill as well.

We used nick names in the old games in the heat of shards too because it is still easier than any mob name. The difference between the old game and current though is that you can’t talk about mob X real name outside shards and see a picture in your head at all. Not as reference, and not for a quest.

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That is all pretty much messed up actually.

  • These “Enraged” overworld mobs at least got one thing common, they are all unscaled. ‘Enraged’ usually means stronger, not weaker mobs, though and for most of us the enraged are easy to kill, so that is a confusing choice of tag.
  • Real “Elites” are not called Elites, Elites instead have a different icon (like, Colossus in Rainforest or Witches at the Portal in HS or big spiders in the dlc). The ones called “Elites” in the Overworld are technically not Elites, but again - high level - unscaled mobs which is certainly confusing!

next thing you’ll say is they should spell Scav Assassin correctly instead of Scav Asasians :smiley:


How dare you assume! the scav as-asian would not like being called murderers… thats probably why there so angry and shoot at us adventurers all the time

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Fun fact, only the “Enraged Asasian Scav” are Asasians, the regular “Asassian Scav” are Asassians. neither of them are assassins tho.


There are always:

Stick with stick
Stick with little stick
Explody stick
Flying stick

And my favourites:
No, no! The purple one!



Wait whats stick with little stick


That is staf guy. Or bolty guy. Wait nm. Mmmmmmh

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