Names of shard bosses bugging out in combat log

Sometimes a boss has no name in the combat log but only an id. I see this most often happening to Mistkeeper and noticed most of the times on other bosses of mines or temple too. I think this is also happening to some of the trash.

So you would see the log full of things like:
(39) took 404 damage from ExamplePlayer


Is this still happening? If so does it only happen with the newest dungeons and is it during shard runs or just regular dungeon runs also?

I have only started noticing this bug with the new dungeon bosses. If its only new dungeon bosses I am not certain. It happens in shards and also in normal dungeon runs.

It might be still happening, but we haven’t done a new dungeon in a while that I checked the dps log of. Other dungeons seem to not glitch out the past week I checked.

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