Necropolar snow


The snow in the Necropolar seems to just stop in places, and it creates a sort of wall in random spots as seen in the pictures. The third picture shows how, when you teleport somewhere after being in the necropolar, it snows there! Winter highsteppe was cool to see though :wink: This could be done using a portal or the cookie home teleporter.


Honestly though. Can we get snow as a regular weather pattern in game? That would be awesome. Granted it would be silly in the jungle or desert. :stuck_out_tongue:


It does this with rain as well. Weather has a hard time when you change zones. The funny thing is after you go to a new zone, you are the only one seeing the snow or rain. Also a bug is if your zone had clear sky and you go into another zone that is raining, you have to wait there for a while to see if it is raining, while your buddy has been in the zone can see the rain and you don’t.


I would love to see an entire in-game day of snow once every two in-game weeks!


Thanks for reporting! We are tracking the issue.


How long has it lasted for you? when I test it on our side it only lasts about 10 seconds, so I’m just curious if you are getting it for longer.


One time I got it for about a minute, in highsteppe, but on average it’s 10 seconds yeah :slight_smile:


how did you port from necropolar? You cant port because of debuff; next to fire?


Yes, teleporting near the fire should work since you won’t take damage.


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