Need an autorun, I had to bail out early from sore wrist from the teleporting

Out of combat let us hold the controller and then just have it auto teleport over and over.

Noted! Sorry for any wrist discomfort caused! :slight_smile:

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Do you know about the trackpad locomotion? You just have to hold up on the trackpad and point but it only works when out of combat. It has to be enabled in the menu manually.

This was from the Oct 8 build that didn’t have trackpad locomotion.

Gotcha, my bad, didn’t check the date.

NP. Just wasn’t sure if you knew that wasn’t an option and was new this build. This place needs more activity. My intention was not to stifle communication. Rereading myself I kinda sound like an ass, sorry.

Nah … its all good. I actually missed this was fixed! So excited for a Feb Stress Test