Need for Better Control Over the Graphics Options


For Reborne, it’d be really nice if we could have some more manual control of the graphics settings in the game such as shadows, LOD, Draw distance, Lighting, Anti Aliasing, ect. An Advanced graphics option if you will. I’d like to tweak things like Anti Aliasing, primarily to disable it and up my super samping more. If its too much of a hassle to make a menu, I’d be happy with being able to edit a settings file manually to tweak the settings myself. Having all the major settings locked behind profiles is a bit frustrating as I can’t tailor certain settings to taste.


you can use the oculus debug tool to up pixels per display , helps in reborn a little.
I would like some extra graphics options. Including J’s suggestion for making other ppls pets and hats invisible in raids. the draw distance specifically is #1 for me.


As I mentioned in my post I use supersampling (which sounds like the exact same thing you describe with a different name) to increase the visual fidelity, but things like Anti Aliasing just get in the way once you start super sampling. They take up unneeded overhead. And I suspect with the profiles we are forced to use that the ultra setting forces a high level of anti aliasing for no reason.


I completely agree with your initial post. I want ADVANCED GRAPHIC SETTINGS. Why these were not included initially I have no idea. I’ve heard the excuse “It’s difficult” too many times. Is this on your to-do list devs? Can we have a response from someone? Community manager? This is pretty important.


I feel like advanced settings is something that’s very important in VR games