Need more plants in Lamavora and Hulthine's Basin

Between the long-term quests, salvaging quests, and need for potion ingredients (also for quests), the plant supply in these areas doesn’t come close to what is needed - especially with an expanding player base.

While I understand the need to keep some things rare for value and to provide a challenge - there is a line between rare and ridiculous. I’d love to be able to work on my long-term harvesting missions, but when it takes 3 days of scouring the maps just to collect a dozen Rotospores, or 17 flowers from Hulthine’s it’s really discouraging. Others have mentioned similar frustrations with this.

Would it be possible to make more spawn locations and have the spawn rates so that it allows us to make reasonable progress?


If you compare the number of plants in lamavora to the number of plants in highsteppe, there is a huge discrepancy. I would like to see more added here and to hulthines basin as well.


If you go into pvp mode, you can see more harvestables to get that are invisible to non-pvp players. Its a question of if the risk is worth the reward.

A couple of things have impacted resources lately.

First, for some reason people started bragging about how much money they were making with certain resources. This caused a lot of other people to go after them, causing a shortage. Now there are people camping out in Hulthine’s, Rainforest, and Lamavora for those specific resources.

Second, the recent boom in population. When we had ~100 people online a day, resources weren’t heavily farmed and prices were reasonable. The most you’d pay for a resource was around 1200 for Legendary Fish. Now some ore is going for 4k, which is ridiculously inflated.

Another thing that definitely negatively affected resource spawn rates was the increase to shard capacity. It used to be 40, after which a new shard (and a fresh batch of resource spawns) would be created. During World Boss events it wasn’t unusual to have 3 shards up in a zone at a time. Now that the limit has been raised to 60, it’s harder to force a new shard in for resources.

Having rare resources is great, absolutely. I’m a huge proponent of Obsidian being difficult to get. But ya, the more players we get the fewer resources there are to go around. Lamavora and Hulthine’s have notoriously long spawners. I’m 100% in favor of increasing spawner locations even though that means cutting into my own profits.


Yes, I notice that the resources in Highsteppe, for example, have been increased, and are mostly plentiful in the Wastelands and Rainforest, but Lamavora and Hulthine’s Basin are sorely lacking. The cave there is hopeless with the campers, but it would be nice to be able to do the plant missions, at least.

What about instead of a fixed spawn rate, it was more variable based on player population? It would definitely be a bit of a PITA to set up initially, but they wouldn’t have to reevaluate this as often with the added effect of making spawn camping a bit less predictable for anyone who is using a rotation to hit all the spawns.

I was thinking something like this: Use the average player count for the game from before Quest 2 release as back then, the complaint (if any) was that resources were too easy to get. Set that average to a spawn rate of 1 or 0.9 (since it almost seemed too high). Then use a rolling 7 day average of player population to increase the spawn rate to account for population increases. Maybe use a log scale over a linear one to keep it from getting out of control and have the ability to set a max spawn rate.


There are harvestables only visible to PvP??

I think it’s like a 10% increase in nodes visible if you have PvP turned on. It was supposed to be the incentive for turning it on, but it isn’t well advertised :upside_down_face: (Scott has more accurate numbers below :upside_down_face: )

Good to know, but for a lot of folks harvesting time is a break from fighting! I guess we could strip nekked and go harvesting… maybe I’ll try that.

Whoa. I did not know this.

It is one more node at most locations in the world. So not 10% exactly. I am not sure about rocks actually if they get extra nodes at all.

But if you go to a spot with 2 sour bells, you will find 3 sour bells instead with pvp on.

And a spot with 8 sour bells ear will find 9 sour bells instead.

Another idea would be to make resources like critter capture, so each person sees their own.

Adding resources to Forsaken Isle is a step but doesn’t help for the questing issues. I did notice a jump in Lamavora and Hulthine plants for a couple of days after this post, but they seem to be gone again. Maybe I just got lucky on a new shard…

Thanks Devs for all your work.

No. All herbs would lose rareness. Also critter capture is not individual nodes. You see your own flyers but the node is still rare


Ok, just trying to think of ways to make it workable.

I know this opinion won’t be popular, but I like the stuff being rare…

That isn’t about profit, they are in demand items and you can profit on them in myriad ways regardless of commonly accepted price…whether that price is low or high.

Also, even with the campers it doesn’t take that long to gather a tile-set worth of materials. No you can’t do it in 15 minutes, but an hour a day of actual farming/camping for a week will get you the materials you need and then some. That doesn’t seem an excessive amount of time to me. I have played games where you have to farm for hundreds of hours to get mats for leet armor or armor enhancements. I don’t think of grind as a bad thing as long as the rewards are worth the grind.

If the rarity of materials is to be changed I would rather see it done from the top-down. Lowering the amount of people necessary to spawn an additional shard again is a great idea. Perhaps a perk that gives a percentile chance that minerals will not be consumed on crafting of a tile or percentile chance to “salvage” a tileset from a piece of armor when breaking it down. Maybe other rare items like springs could salvage into random minerals…

If all of the spawns are increased everything remains fair, but farmers are still going to farm and campers are still going to camp and people who don’t want to farm are still going to buy the mats outright for dram …so unless the increased spawn is market-breakingly massive the same people who control the pricing now will continue to do so…and I don’t really think it will solve the “problem.”

I don’t think there is a simple solution. Even at peak player counts it is rare to see multiple shards in areas outside of highsteppe except when shards are expiring or when world boss events are happening. The best solution I can think of is to motivate more people to leave Highsteppe and go get what they need.

In addition to forcing more spawn points by populating zones to the point that multiple shards spawn, having 30 people out in a zone all looking for resources will break up the “everyday campers” in no time …which will spread the harvest out across a broader swath of the players who need / want the stuff… and that would likely bring the price down naturally… which means people would do less farming…which means the price would go back up… so it remains worthwhile to farm them for dram when you have no immediate use for them.

The thing is that many players just don’t want to go and spend time competing for resources… and I understand that… however they do have the option of going and doing whatever they want to do and then using the dram from those activities to purchase the things they need.

I just really don’t think it is broken…

To be clear… I wouldn’t find increasing the spawn points for resources to be offensive, I just really don’t think it would have the impact on the “problem” that every one seems to think it would… If the price was truly so far out of whack with the demand then the natural result would be more people farming… but there aren’t, so it seems people are willing to pay the price…and I don’t think increasing the spawns will change the core group of farmers or campers…which just means deeper stacks for them to use to keep the market value high. Unless people are willing to take the time to farm the materials themselves…which would decrease the global demand and make competitive pricing a viable strategy.

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I agree with you on most of your post. I have not found it too difficult to get ore. I go about my business in each area at different times per day and simply check in to see if I am in luck. Sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not. I try not to over think it.

Plant spawn I have no opinion on. I have not gotten any of the big missions for plants.

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I fully agree with this, i have never understood why the tilesets in the armor dont go onto the new piece of armor when infusing, or when breaking the armor down.

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I don’t have an issue with ore. Everything is easy to get except obsidian, which is fine. It’s the plant spawn that is out of whack - especially if you compare Lamavora and Hulthine’s Basin to the other zones. There are a lot of quests for Lamavora plants.

I hear ya. The first time I did the Long Term harvesting quest in Hulthines / Lamavora I felt that the reward was not worth the effort…
But the second time I did it I had 6 copies of the quest and I felt differently. lol

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I just find the roundabout logic funny. Lower server shard count to make a second shard just doubles the spawn points. Adding a few more spawn points doesn’t double it and putting it in an area difficult to solo would reduce the farming on a the new spawn points. I’m just confused by your statement of. We don’t need more spawn points just lower the amount of people to get a new shard to show up will fix the problem
Even though that just doubles the spawn points.