Need more plants in Lamavora and Hulthine's Basin

I don’t see it as roundabout…and I don’t think increasing the spawn points would hurt… I just don’t think it would help.

Increasing the existing spawn points by 20% would just mean that the same few people get 12 resources instead of 10.

Lowering the player count to spawn a shard would ensure that in times of heavy traffic resources existed in enough quantity to accommodate the players. No one can be in two shards at once and with that kind of demand shard hopping wouldn’t make much sense. Also, with the current playerbase it is a rare thing that a second shard, even at the decreased player count would be spawned unless the demand was obscenely high…which would likely create greater rarity, not less.

Increasing the spawn rate means a little more per run for a few people, decreasing the amount of players necessary to spawn a shard returns the yield to what was intended and prevents the people who spend all their time farming from exploiting the increase…which is a big contributor to the issue.

As the playerbase increases the total amount of available resources in one zone may not be enough to meet the needs of the community at any price. Tying the availability to the number of people actively seeking X resource makes sense to me…

Increasing the amount of players without increasing the amount of resources will always result in increased rarity, Increasing the amount of resources commensurate to the player increase will maintain the rarity.

I want the items to be valuable but IMHO an increase in spawn points would not make harvested resources more plentiful for the average player…because it is the same 20 or so people who are going to be there to collect the lions share.

Spreading the spawn points will ensure other players get a higher chance of harvesting. Currently you can camp the Crystal cave for almost all the obsidian in the game. If there’s also some in, say, the wastelands or in the cave on the island, you’re looking at areas where you’ll likely need to be level 30 and you can’t camp the entire game’s spawn points.


I have always been confused by the economy in these type of games. Farming is a result of the economy within the game itself. If you want to stop the shortage of resources, make the resources sole bound. If you want an economy in the game then you have to deal with the entrepreneurs in the game.

Me… I have no problem with an economy or farming, I feel sorry for anyone who spends all their time jumping from one location to the next just for a chance at specific resources. I would like to see the economy opened up to include rare drops from dungeons. That would get more people into the dungeons and off the resource market.

In the auction house there should be a cap on pricing If rare drops were allowed. This would cap inflation at a reasonable level.

My feeling is that the missions for resources expect way too much and cause this shortage. Bring the level into reality and some of this farming will also stop.

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