New Activities Feedback (Creature Capture, Dragon Racing, Missions)


Hi, we’d love to hear your thoughts so far on the two activity types we have in game right now.

  • Missions. Currently if you talk to Sicilus you will be able to get missions for each of the activities, so be sure to do so before you do them, though you can also take part in them anytime you like. Please keep in mind that the mission system is still very early and subject to change.

  • Dragon Racing, which currently has 6 courses in game, four in the starting zone and two in the swamp. Is it fun, difficult enough, how comfortable is it in terms of motion sickness for you, etc

  • Critter capture, which you can trigger by finding (currently) poop throughout the zone and blowing into your net gun’s horn to cause them to appear and scatter around. Let us know if it’s a fun activity and your thoughts on it.

  • Monster hunting, there will be a couple missions for harder to kill monsters meant to be tackled by a group. Let us know how you enjoyed those!


unlisted #2

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One thing to note that might not of been mentioned in other places, To slow your dragon down press down on the joystick (or slide your thumb down on the trackpad for vive) to slow yourself down, then once you release it will go back to normal speed. To end a dragon race that is in progress, you can press the Menu button to return to your normal size.


Ok, first I do think the courses are AWESOME, it is a great activity and feeling to fly with your dragon. But I seriously feel the head-steering leads to health issues, I don’t feel well currently, but this made me sick after couple runs… I have to move my head way more than a bit, along with some rapid movements now and then to correct the course and would not allow a child to play this mini game, it feels just not right. I’d like to have a normal steering (same perspective, which is cool, but steering the dragon with controllers), at least as an option.


I really enjoyed the monster hunting. If anything, I’d like to see a whole lot more of this, both in terms of different types of tracks and more interesting mobs to catch. My group also had a lot of fun finding the fecal matter and capturing everything

The missions worked well. I think I’d like to see some kind of numerical explanation of how to advance to next rank and maybe an estimate of reward for current rank. As it stands, we all had to take out our journals and constantly check to see if we got “enough” mobs captured. This is especially important for the racing missions, because it’s not immediately clear how to get a gold status… I topped the leaderboard on some of these, or got relatively close, but only had silver for turn-in.

Also definitely need a way to scroll better. And would prefer an option to go back to the old pointing method, as it was much more intuitive and seemed to work better.


Pointing as in pointing to select the menu options, or pointing as in pulling the trigger to point just to point your avatar’s finger?


Pointing as in sticking my finger into objects or menus to select. I felt like the laser-pointer method was not as intuitive, especially with needing to click the trigger to switch hands all the time.


Okay yeah you can still do that actually, just ignore the laser pointer and point your finger at the menu like before and tap the stuff. Scrolling also works much better right now with that method. I can add an option to turn off the pointer if folks prefer.

(Just note that on Vive now you let go of the trigger to point, pulling the trigger will curl.)


Did you patch this to work again? When I started on, this didn’t work at all.


Oh it was working yesterday, I’ll check.


I’m kinda torn on the external mini-game thematic elements of these, but we’ll probably need to see how these systems grow over time.


  • Mission interface was largely functional aside from scrolling. Not sure if everyone realized off the bat that you can/should just pick up all of them.
  • The rep grind element was interesting, suggests long term progression, which is nice.
  • Agreed with comments about regarding wishing we could see our progress from bronze to silver to gold. Do I need 10 more squirrels? 100?
  • Kinda wish there was more of an indication of where to go, or what things meant in the mission text. Like, what counts as a corrupted mob? Everything? (We can’t see mob names in reborn, so if they say corrupted in their names, we can’t see it at the moment).

Dragon Racing:

  • I appreciate a lot of people are having fun with this activity so its likely I’m just not the target demographic for this, so take it all with a grain of salt.
  • As mentioned elsewhere, it feels out of place that this reborn world with careful handmade environments have these floating mazes mixed in sporadically.
  • I tried playing one for 30 seconds, suffered for it for about 20 minutes due to motion sickness. Again, I recognize I am on the extreme end of motion sickness sufferers but it definitely seems like something I’ll need to completely avoid, which makes me wonder if I’ll just be perpetually behind on rep grinding, progression, etc. I’m prepared to accept that if everyone else is enjoying it of course.
  • For those that can run them, it seems like these may quickly turn into a situation where there is a specific route everyone learns to get gold the first week for each maze, and then it just becomes a chore to do it each time it comes around as a daily task.

Critter Capture:

  • I’m heartened to see the “(currently)” called out next to poop in the original post here, as I’m not a big fan of hunting for feces. I mean, it makes sense contextually in terms of hunting for little critters, but it could also be contextual if these were magical critters with magical hints at their presence, without it feeling like I’m hunting for shit to stand in.
  • It’s more fun than I thought it would be to capture little critters as they run around in a frenzy. Needing to learn the best way to counter their semi-erratic movements, etc.
  • I think it may get boring over time if this is something I need to do day after day ad nauseam to progress. Having different critters with different movement patterns could extend this a bit, but it’s hard to imagine a robust enough system to keep this gameplay engaging for months+.
  • I kinda wish the critters came out of nearby bushes, under rocks, little holes peppered around, rather than just materialized from the flat ground and then dematerializing back into the ground.

Monster Hunting:

  • Definitely more my speed but there wasn’t a lot of messaging to indicate which things were group mobs or not (I’m guessing the colossus and witch are group mobs but without mob names or context, it was a little hard to tell)
  • Similarly to the others, not having a notion of how many things you need to kill to go from nothing to bronze, to silver, to gold. If the design intent is to have it be a compelling decision between which tier you go to (rather than just everyone going for gold every time, in which case, why have tiers?) we would need the information of comparative reward vs comparative time investment up front. We’ll eventually figure this out through trial and error, but it would be nice to have it included.


  • One thought to help with repetition fatigue and motion sickness, etc, would be to allow players to pick up to 3 available missions each day for their bonus rewards. This would required adding and cycling through a number of different options each time, with various permutations, but there are a number of mission types that could be added as options… go harvest materials and bring them back, go fish up whatever fish, go deliver these supplies, go kill x number of pvp players, go map out whatever area, etc etc, There’s the challenge of having them be roughly comparable in terms of time and reward, but if there are generally close, players will gravitate to the activities they enjoy the most. This also provides a feedback loop of tracking which missions are being over-selected or under-selected to help with rebalancing and improvement.
  • I do think there are going to be some percentage of the playerbase that just wants to go out and kill monsters for their play sessions, so the kill missions are good, but seem like they will be knocked out very very quickly. Right now the world doesn’t feel very densely populated with monsters, though that may be due to the influx of beta players.


Critter Capture: I love it <3. Very cute idea with the birdies flying up, first I was confused because, no squirrels, but hey, there is birdies in the sky …

Daily missions are a very good idea, in general, though I missed some guidance about what to do (like Draven stated, how many until progress) and what exactly is my reward if turned in.

Monster Hunt: Could be a typical activity while waiting for dungeon groups to form or for less players. If it’s doable by two players, with a friend, I’d like it, if a full group of four or five is needed I’d rather opt out (though I could imagine this being cool for a queue…)


I must agree that I lived the Dragon racing. However like most controlling it with my head very unsettling. I really hope you guys at least make an option to use the touch, or vibe controllers. That would make it so much better and more playable.


So I checked again… It looks like you have it set up so that you have to ‘activate’ the hand by pressing the trigger finger, and then you can select with laser or by pressing in… You still cannot use your ‘unactivated’ hand. For people who prefer to use press over laser, this is an issue. If possible, can you set it so offhand (non-activated hand) also presses even though it’s not the laser pointer hand?


I don’t know where to put that but the net gun when it’s on the belt tends to get into the way of other movements, for example when trying to pick up loot.


I was wondering, with missions, will we be seeing other activities such as fishing, harvesting and potion making? It would be nice to be rewarded with exp for doing these things, hopefully without the resources we gather being taken away like the old quests did.

This might help towards getting players to make their own potions and such as it will give them a little exp boost for the class they are leveling while they are out collecting mats to make the potions etc.


New mission interface needs a scroll bar as it cuts off the bottom quests


We will be continuing working on the interfaces for the missions, but also keep in mind that when these missions are “live” or fully finished you wont be able to accept 25 missions at once. We haven’t set firmly on a number but it will definitely be south of 25 ha.


Is there a way to remove the tunnel vision black. It makes it very difficult to see when looking up, down, and to the side. Mouse Trap is hard to see where you are going.