New activity suggestion: Cooking

Orbus has a bunch of things in addition to the typical hack and slash of combat: Bagging critters, fishing, potion-making, tinkering. However, something it doesn’t have is cooking. I understand potions are to give you buffs in or before combat, heal, etc, so I feel cooking would be something great to add for a community-based activity. Imagine if you will a campfire in the wild with a stew pot, your party has picked up some local ingredients, but don’t want to trek back to town to brew a potion, and the party wants to stick around for an event in the area. You all throw in a few ingredients, and the pot is filled with a mushroom soup. Everyone gets their serving from the pot and are buffed for 5 minutes.

Of course, that is only how it could apply in the field, in town, you could have an area with ovens and tables, with more complex or seasonal recipes. Maybe they spawn in-game objects and everyone engages in a food fight. While not strictly ‘needed’ as far as game mechanics go, it does add another layer of activity that could make the online experience even more diverse, and give more usage for ingredients. And how awesome would it be during Thanksgiving or Halloween to be able to do an online party meal or literally hand out virtual treats?


Better yet, I just remembered the tavern, what is a tavern without food and drink?

It would be great to ‘cook’ up pet treats, even just the ordinary ones.