New charicter slot and beta charicters


a while ago the devs were talking about new slots for extra characters, this would be a great time to add that in for the new update (also it would be nice to keep the beta characters through an opt in setting after having the dragon pet for so long now(edit, I do know the characters would be wiped so to be specific it would be nice to keep the dragons))


you definitely wont be able to keep the beta characters. you can already create extra characters on the server… i didnt even know there was a limit.


2 character limit I thought I only ever made one beta character though and I do know about the character wipe that’s why I put it would be nice to keep the beta character


They changed the 2 character limit on the 1st beta test so we could play around with the styles more

As for keeping the beta characters, that won’t happen, the vendor items in the beta are only placeholders so they are super cheap to buy and as for that fact me And @Asmund_T are running around with 3 stacks of speed pots, which in the current game would make us very rich and/or fast and overpowered

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