[new class] Druid

If you haven’t already look over my last few posts I believe i went over this a little but here is my conclusion.

Druid will have 1 weapon the tower shield and 3 slot summons that I went over in the last post, this sounds a bit broken but I wanna talk about this class and it’s ability to be alone. The class should get a buff called lone wolf when alone, but when in a party the druids animals don’t do as much damage and don’t have as much health as well as cool down speeds are increased, so by those standards this class is meant to be solo for the most part.

Summons times on and off the field are up to devs to decide but for me this class will be a good thing for those I wanna be solo people. The whole rundown was on my post called “I wanna see these classes for diversity”.

Thank you

I never thought I would say this but having friends is a nerf for this class

When you get to 30, you run a lot of endgame content which means you’re with 4 to 9 other people
If being with other people makes this class weak it may not be viable
If it is viable in shards and raids, it would be too over powered in the overworld

You could add a monster taming mechanic to it . Take out the lone wolf thing it’s clearly too op and actively defeats the point of playing with others.

Ok how about you can tame animals like the deer and wolve and other wildlife and name them like pets instead of the getting them for free and they can be healed by healers and when they die they take a cool down time to restore, they can be resurrected

Shaman already has a summon wolf and warrior already has shield, so it just seems like a mix of the two? Not sure why’d you want to run content alone as it’s so much more fun running with the community

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