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I mean like have you ever played overwatch if you ain’t got a healer the game gets mad at you for wanting to play dps instead of healing #mercybesthealer, anyways sometimes you got that person that’s like “I wanna heal” and then their friends like “ok but you also have to do some damage” “I WANNA HEAL” so um :neutral_face: ya I’m totally not one of those people but I would love to see a class that promotes healing as a full time job I mean musketeers can heal and do little damage if they want and so can bard but I mean it would be pretty kool if you had a staff and you looked like emperor palpatine shocking the whole rebel fleet but instead of causing mass stick genocide you cause mass healing, now I’m not saying you only heal because mercy has a gun and isn’t completely disabled so if I’m one hand you had a staff and in the other you had an element maybe ice maybe fire (totally not hinting at the skill tree for this possible class). All of the buffs and stuff can be decided by devs but to be honest I find myself choosing healer in some mmos, just not orbus unless you count me playing musketeer which I don’t really vibe with.

Since this is a ranged class it shouldn’t have a ton of health but it should be able to eat some things.

If you don’t like the class keep it to yourself, just kidding blast me with as many comments as you want but personally I would like this class and maybe a fraction of people might use the class over the other healers.

Ok let’s talk about


so for dungeons you should probably stand in between dps and the tank so you can heal them and empower them.

PvP most likely would stay with a person and stuck with the gang until the very end because alone in pvp ain’t so hot when you see 4 runemages roll up on you.

Raids idk much bout them but I mean healer plus hard boss might be a good thing let me know.

Open world is kinda just free like all the others it’ll probably work alone but would be better with a friend.

Let’s talk about some of the range aspects and how the class is different from the others, bard you get to vibe to music and vibe on people with your sick instruments, the hardcore healer would most likely vibe by healing and helping new players like all the other classes but would just be able to control them a bit better. The musketeer is more of a direct heal to one person but you know it also has a slight use in dps, the hardcore healer yes might be useful for some dps but might be able to prevent a few deaths instead of losing one (don’t blame me if your poisoned and I don’t have a clue use your voice)[{(I don’t have a voice…]}).

The range the damage feature might have would be about medium not long but about in between where the spa might stand and where the tank is to allow them to stand in a decent position.


So it was hard to pick out the class mechanics but lets see if i’m right. You want a healer focused solely on healing. That is the musketeer at end game content. Musketeers are not usually focus healing they are chargeing their shots on a monster which gives healing to the whole party. They do pretty much everything you mention in your suggestions.


Kool good to know something I didn’t but I’m talking about a new class not the musketeer. Unless you have a suggestion about a new class don’t compare something you don’t know what the devs are going to use out of the suggestion to something the devs have already added.

New class or not, there’d be no point to having it

Alright that’s kool. It’s called a suggestion if you don’t like the suggestion you don’t like the play style I presented

I’m thinking about others not you.

And I said nothing about only healing I said it had a dps factor and that the devs could take what they want out of it and make a class. If you want your type of class then suggest it unless you don’t think it’s viable to any other person other than you then it’s not useless.

I would love to see people at least leveling a class to 30 and unlock all talents (and play a little of the endgame, possibly, learning what that very 30 class is about from others) before writing books about things which got nothing to do with the actual game…
There’s so much misunderstanding in that post, Lancé mentioned the musky is not even doing what ya think it does lol I would not know how to start since you did not even arrive at the endgame talents, apparently, but yah just a tipp play the game already and learn what classes do first of all instead of “playing the forums” this is just a waste of time really XD.


I guess I won’t “suggest” classes anymore because apparently you guys think a new healer is a bad idea and that I should know everything about a game because I’ve totally memorized everything and all mechanics because I’m so smart that I can remember literally everything, I think you get the point. Anytime I see a post about a new class I’ll be sure to mention everything that I find wrong about it. I mean it’s not like I know everything right. Anyways thanks for the comments and I’ll be sure to play the game instead of wasting my time doing school because every time I make one of these I’m at school.

Thanks but sometimes when you have the chance to complain about someone’s lack of knowledge you should just not. It’s not that hard.

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Please don’t take this as “your idea sucks, stop giving ideas”. Having ideas for the game is great, and a lot of the changes that have been made in the game have come from players pitching ideas.

What’s going on here is you have an idea (which is awesome!), but what you’re looking for, “a class that promotes healing as a full time job”, already exists. The “Mass Healing” you want is available in mechanics as the Musketeer by bouncing your heal orbs off enemies/your turret to affect the entire party. It also exists from Bard with their pulse heals affecting a large AOE to keep everybody up. Both healing classes seem to offer what you’re looking for, but you may not have found that yet.

Again, we’re not trying to rip on you. What we’re saying is enjoy the game a bit, learn what it has to offer. Explore the classes because they tend to have more versatility and options when you level up a bit. What you’re looking for may be here, but you might not have leveled enough to find it yet :slight_smile:


“Musketeers already do this”

Bards also heal.

mages dps, scoundrels dps, rangers dps. Playstyle is important. I don’t like Bard or Musky so why would I play one?

Though, realistically, the classes we have now should be enriched. I don’t want more bare-skeleton classes :stuck_out_tongue:

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