New Class Idea for Orbus


I was thinking of a telekinesis class, that moving objects with his hand, (making it the best for vr) and when I mean objects I mean like the environment, taking apart the rocks and bricks from a dungeon, or ripping a tree right out of the ground are smashing an enemy (or more) with it, since the class revolves around using his hands for combat, he would have some speed abilities, like one comes to mind uh Time Consumtion, where the guy playing the class (you) could slow down time but you move at normal speed. And another ability would be like maybe invisibility but with an outline like in the Halo series, but if you got too close to the enemies you would be visible again and the characters ultimate ability would be being able to float just about or above enemy height. Thanks for reading!


I´m not a game developer of any kind but i do animate as a hobby. I believe they would need to not really remake, but separate and fine tune the whole map for that to work.
kind of cool idea but i think they would need more reasons than a class in order to take their time to do that.


True true you do gotta good point