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After having bought Orbus, and having had fun with it. I realized that there’s a class that, I typically like to play, that isn’t really there in this game. And that is the Lancer. Now, I know 2 handed weaponry in VR is often quite… cumbersome to work with, so I would like to propose a different variant of Lancer.

A 1 Handed Lance + Tower Shield. The class would play similarly to Warrior, but with some additional things to keep the Lance a more unique weapon.

Firstly, instead of the Combo system, the lance primarily uses stabs as it’s main method of attack. However you can make a wide sweep also to hit multiple enemies. The lance also retains the Shield Bash of the Warrior. The way the lance is different from warrior is it has an easier to access Taunt mechanic. By holding the trigger on your Shield arm and bashing your Lance on the shield, you will taunt all enemies in a radius around you. I don’t really know yet a good radius for this taunt, but I’m sure the developers could figure it out. You can also more easily poke with a lance while guarding, so the Lancer would be an even more tanky variation of the current tank classes. The Lancer’s Shield is the strongest of the shields in the game.

Next, we have the Lancer’s special mechanic, Blade Oils. In front of the Lancer when they draw their Lance are three vials of Oil. Each with a different property. In total there are 6 oils, and you can have 3 equipped in your slots at a time. You can pick up the vials while you are holding your shield. Oils cannot be applied in a wide swing, they can only be applied in a stab. And you can only have one oil applied at a time.

Enmity Oil: Causes your next X attacks for X seconds to have higher aggro
Sharpening Oil: Causes your next X attacks for X seconds to deal X% more damage
Flammable Oil: Causes your next attack to apply the Flammable debuff, causing any Fire damage to be increased on this enemy.
Poisonous Oil: Causes your next attack to apply the Poisoned Debuff for X seconds dealing X damage per tick.
Weakening Oil: Causes your next attack to apply the Weakened Debuff for X seconds stripping X% armor from the enemy. OR Causes your next attack to generate Weak Points for the Lancer to stab, these weak points are only 10% increased damage, but also generate 10% more threat also. (whichever fits the spirit of the game more)
Critical Oil: Causes your next attack to boost your critical hit rate by X% for X seconds.

Each of the oils has a cooldown period between applications (or alternatively, you could be required to craft the oils in order to keep your supply up)

The Ultimate for Lancers is called Chaos Oil. Pull both triggers and the Chaos Oil will appear and you can apply it to your Lance. This will, apply one of each Oil you have equipped to your weapon at once regardless of the cooldown of your oils. (or regardless of your supply of oils if the alternative oil mechanic is used)

I honestly don’t know how balanced this could be, but I tried to keep it within the spirit of the game, and also throw in some mechanics from other games I enjoy. Most of my inspiration for this class comes from Monster Hunter’s Lance weapon. With the Blade Oil mechanic coming from the Sword and Shield in Generations Ultimate. I also do not know what trees you could make for this class.

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Yes and yes and yes and yes and we’ll yes but you know yes

I must say this would make for a great alternative tank class!

Good idea, although how do you thing the class would fair in battle grounds? I cant decide if it would be good or bad there.

I love this idea. Especially the name

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I think my rouge and your lancer would make a good duo

What about an Ultimate called Lancers Pride that gives a buff that increases everyone in the party’s Attack Damage, Crit Chance and Crit Damage, while giving the Lancer an increased Vitality, Speed and Defence for a short duration of time. Since having something that helps the whole party, would be better for a tank class rather than a damage based attack for the tank. but else i think everything about this a idea.

To the core, isn’t this just what the warrior and paladin do except extra buffs? Warrior already has a shield bash and pali has the books to pull for aggro, heal and power up. The only thing left over is the poison/fire/weakness, which is something another class can provide for anyway.

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