New Class: Monk Healer/w Fists

As of right now I think everyone is still trying to find and master the four initial classes which is cool but, some classes are more popular than others. Runemage is flashy and shows prowess (I main this). Musketeer is passive but rewarding (being a healer and all). Archer is simply the best dps in-game, with the lowest amount of priorities to achieve when in a party, and will become the best pvp class hands down. Finally, we come to warrior, a class that is not that flashy but, a necessity to any dungeon or raid group. Unfortunately, I don’t see as many warriors as I do all the other classes. Which brings me to my next class suggestion: Monk. I know a monk class has already been considered, and I think using a more Diablo-styled monk would be best. One that uses fist weapons, but also has heals.

Standard damage-output should follow combos, similar to the warrior, except using alternating right-left punching combos but . Punching high (head-level) will build up a threshold to stun, but will be low damage. Punching middle height will do the most damage and speed up cooldowns. Punching low does low damage and will build up ultimate points faster.

You have an low output AoE heal, that can be triggered by raising your hands up in the air, and bringing them down to your sides like a bird flapping its wings (done only once, expecting multiple is just plain silly). Your ranged skill, is a fireball (Hadouken style), slow moving and does a moderate amount of damage and stuns with a long cooldown. The “Monk Light” is fired and aimed by putting both fists straight out in front of you and pressing on the touchpad or pressing A or X with your dominant hand (dominant hand would be indicated by which hand you put your gloves/claws on).

Class item is a gourd, that when drank from, gives the player freedom of movement as if not in combat. This has a long cooldown and intended to be used to intercept targets that have made it to the dps line or traditional healer. The class is meant to be a support/intercept, not a damage dealer or threat generator.

Ultimate is activated by pulling both triggers and guarding (as you would in boxing). Ultimate creates a bubble shield, absorbing a large amount of damage and lasts a long duration.

The point of the class would be to provide support to the Warrior, keeping them healed, provide stuns, provide low to moderate DPS. The class is not made to generate threat with the exception of the damage (low-moderate) output. It would provide players with another active and yet visually rewarding class. It will improve the feel of playing a warrior, knowing you have a front-line support. The musketeer class is not eclipsed as it still will have the ability to support DPS, primary heal/ shield. Musketeer will not feel so pigeon-holed into ammo choices when in a group. Musketeer and Warrior will not have to be so concerned about placement and landing shots when movement is required in encounters.

In PVP, the class will be tricky to use, but will be able to close the distance with ranged classes, stun and do mild amounts of dps while having the choice of fight or flight.

Suggestions welcome…


Sounds fun :slight_smile: but one note is you can’t stun in pvp (lame I know)

If a monk class comes out, you can bet I’d switch. Even if they’re a healer. Disciple in the MMO Vanguard was one of my most favorite classes and he was a healer.

I’d prefer them to be more dps focused myself. But if I get to punch with my fists, count me in!


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