New class rogue?


Would there be any chance of a rogue class with dagger being put into the game? Or maybe even a sub class for scoundrel with daggers…

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Players hitboxes block shots so too many melee classes makes the game unplayable for ranged classes… If however, other players hitboxes could be switched off in combat and their models can be made invisible with some simple indicator as to their location then a melee class other than a tank could be viable.

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Ya I play Ranger and people are always getting in the way it is annoying


The game mechanics can’t really handle another melee class imo.

I agree with you though that rogue is a cool standard rpg class…its basically fulfilled by the scoundrel in orbus.


Seconded. We definitely need more melee classes. I realize there are mechanical challenges, but that’s why we give the devs money, to work on these things.


Ya like @J11 said the hit box’s for sure would be an issue for range classes but would love to see them try and work in a rogue class it’s my fav thing to play


it would be cool


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I’m sort of assuming this would entail a desire to ‘strike from behind’ or something… as is often associated with the rogue concept. But if not… nothing to add here!

I’d add to this that the game is really designed a lot around smash style AOE mechanics so the the tank lives and everybody else dies, or there’s 1 safe spot where the tank must jump. On top of that, there’s the very typical game problem of the monsters auto facing you when and no sort of positional attack being possible, aaaannnddd that leads to cool compensatory stealth openers that turn rogues into glass cannons that suddenly either dominate or suck in any pvp scenario.

Given the amount of infighting about existing classes… man, I would need WAY more popcorn if this was even considered in the game.


Ever played with an attack warrior? It sucks. They block everything. Boss fights aren’t even designed for a rogue class anyway. There are boss fights where the tank has to move the boss around (airship 1 / whenever kiting is necessary), or where any players around the boss will die if they move (Minotaur), so a melee DPS class wouldn’t even be useful.


the reason they make bosses like that is that they assume (correctly) there are no melee dps… if there were melee dps, they would make bosses that work for both, some where melee is better and some where ranged is better… that’s how it always works.

It wouldn’t be too hard to get melee classes in this game. they would just need to change hit boxes so that you dont get your shots blocked by allied targets and then make new bosses that work for all classes.

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None of the raid bosses or any of the current dungeon bosses would work with a melee DPS. Either all of these bosses would have to be changed, or there would have to be a significant amount of content be released along with a melee DPS for it to even be worth the development time.


That’s why we pay them :slight_smile:


my guess is they would release a melee class as part of a major patch with new content. hardly anyone would be doing the old content at that point. obviously i wouldnt expect them to drop melee dps in the middle of this raid.


I think a thief/rogue would be awesome. The hit box problem definately has a multitude of work arounds ( stealth ability that makes you invisible/intangible/melee class markers) daggers you apply coatings to for different affects would be neat too. I know that dual wielding also has its logistic issues so maybe just one dagger. I never really thought about a lot of the mechanic constraints sift was mentioning and I feel that’d probably be the biggest hurdle.