[new class] Rouge

The Rouge from my previous post is something I’ve been looking at and by that I mean taking warrior and pretending I’m doing dps and swinging my shield around like a sword trust me do this in your house you get weird looks. I tried doing possible combos and I could do many that involve moving around your target while attacking and some while moving past my target. The forward and constant movement would be a great combo addition but I thought about the people with teleport only, these things I’m trying think of might be overboard and overwhelming for the user but I’m proposing this class be a sliding locomotion only class, before you go off on me there is something I want you to remember the game is meant to be played in a 6.5 feet by 6.5 foot square and that should be enough space to do some larger swing combos and for people to use the sliding locomotion. Ok beside all that the class should have 2 daggers that are throwable at long ranges and swingable from a chain now some might say that I’m suggesting a completely broken class but I want this class to be a low health but has the chance to negate damage after building up speed like crecindo you have to build it up and keep it there by hitting note on bard but I want the rouge to gather speed by doing successful combos I can’t really describe a combo but if I can come up with some I’m sure the devs can come up with a few.

The 2 daggers will be 1 slot and take on the same look unless the legendarys are like a light knife and a dark knife or a water and fire knife.

Talents should increase speed build up and when I say speed I don’t mean you move faster, I mean you can charge faster and to charge you point both knifes at the enemy and pull one of the triggers, if the rouge is hit during this charge by a ranged attack or a melee stun attack the rouge will stop in place and can’t move for an amount of time but while that sound balanced I want to be able to curve while charging but very slowly just so that you can avoid missing a person who teleports, you can move your head irl or turn but it will be like a tank barrel from world of tanks trying to catch up to the cursor.

The super will be a blitz where you can charge three times and go extremely fast hurting your enemies.

The balance I am looking over what I said sorry if I did a little bit of a run on and I feel like the class should fit in but I wanna make this class a challenge now starting with health, this class should be focused on building up speed to negate/dodge attacks and that being said the maximum percent at which the attack will be negated is 35% just above 1/3 of the time, and the rouge should take only 1 hit from any boss meaning the class will need its melee brethren to keep agro off of them. In pvp the charge ability can be stopped by a charged arrow a charged shot a shield block a paladin swing and a knock back spell plus any of the other classes stunning attacks, the throwing of knife will cause bleed a damage over as well as some combos will cause this affect as well and the chain idea is kinda just there to show people where the knife is thrown from. The rouge can go dark and by that I mean can hide the name and sneak around at low visibility but move slow like if they were in combat, once they come out of the sneak the rouge will have a cool down before they can use it again and this will be activated by picking up a piece of cloth in front of them like the paladins books. The sneak ability can be canceled or should I say blocked by the light light spell that runemages can cast giving it another use as well as the healing field of a musketeer and the trap of a ranger.

If you want me to come up with more things to balance this class let me know I just kinda want a fast melee dps in orbus thank you for reading this through and as always my game name I PUQ if you see me wave and I’ll wave back have a great day friends.

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I’m thinking about the other 3 I explained in my last post, as well as the lancer class it sound balanced and fare and is a great idea and fully support the idea of the lancer as well as the rouge as I said the rouge almost requires a tank in a dungeon or raid and the lancer fits the job

Although I have no experience in battle grounds I was thinking about a smoke bomb that would limit sightlines

an issue with a class that uses 2 weapons to swing with is the fact that if you swing while moving, sometimes you move backwards or just move a direction that you really don’t wanna move in. since you’re hold your touchpad/thumbstick forward if you swing up while moving you move backwards so a moving bases melee class would not really work without a lot of movement issues.

Just use move in the direction your looking, if people don’t wanna do movement combos then they don’t have too it just helps avoid damage.

I feel like this would exclude too many players which would frustrate a large percent of the community


They would have the right to be frustrated but they also have the right to change there settings so if they don’t wanna change their setting then they can have a hard time while others are doing their thing. Or perhaps instead of moving combos just do combos and if anyone else complains about it excluding players I’m about to read every right I know that says they can be frustrated but they can also just not play the class.

I know some people are really against melee because they think it won’t be implemented or other issues like balance or whatever but, I actually like the sound of a stabby melee class and think it’d be fun to play

I know some people who would love this class and a rouge class is actually one of the things I was looking forward to when I got the game

As fun as a melee dps class would be, it probably won’t happen because of a lot of mechanics in the game. Orbus has a lot of things that would hinder a melee dps that would require a lot of balancing, which I don’t think would be worth the amount of time put into making one.

For example:
First boss on broken halls (Minotaur): tanks on medium to high shard dungeons have to jump out of the way of the purple orbs. A melee would either have to stack on the tank and then jump with them, or risk dying or wiping the group if they are on the opposite side of the boss. Gorgon would work fine.

Both bosses on crypt would be ok, although boss two would be annoying as some tanks like everyone to be away so it’s easier to dodge circles/death burst

Sewer slime would be almost impossible to play a melee class on, as the boss is constantly moving.

Airship boss 1 would be very difficult as a melee dps because the tank is always moving the boss out of pools.

Dovregubben has the same problem as sewer slime, where the boss is always moving, and unless the melee has some form of gap-closer, then it would be wasted dps that the other classes would be better for. Scab shaman would also be difficult for a melee, but no too tough if you know the bosses rotation.

Both bosses on temple would be awful as a melee. First boss is always moving and you need to be behind pillars for wave, and second boss would easily kill close range dps with body slam.

Even in the raid, a melee dps would still be hard, or impossible to play on some bosses.
The add that spawns on boss 1 would damage the melee heavily, probably killing them if not dealt with fast enough.

On boss two, considering that the rogue and tank would be close to each other while attacking the boss, if either of them get a wave, they would kill each other, most likely wiping the group.

The other 3 bosses would be fine for the most part, but I think I’ve made my point.

I’d love a melee dps in orbus, and I actually tend to play melees in other mmos, but the way that mechanics in orbus are at the moment would make the class unbalanced, and a worse choice then the other ranged classes.


Yet it’s still possible take everything you said and find a way to make those reasons for there not to be a melee dps not true. If there’s some way it won’t work find a way to make it work just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s impossible but you know some people would rather not look for those things and instead find ways to just make a person who’s already thinking think more so thanks for your comment but think before you send something that supposedly says something can’t happen.

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And isn’t there a point to some classes not working on certain dungeons I mean if you use a tank against the slime it’s useless because it has a mind of its own and locks on to whoever is fighting the sewer rats, all the other bosses like the lich king if your a shaman your not going to have a good time and with any boss that targets players with an aoe attack the shaman will move out of the way if a bard goes into a dungeon where you need more direct heal you use a musketeer. Just because there isn’t a use for it in the game yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to be useful for other stuff.

Anything you say that contradicts anyone’s opinion should not be countered by an opinion or a fact, so if you have an opinion don’t make it sound like your trying to counter a person opinion just say I think you should rethink this or you should re look at this.

Then again I’m not expecting this type of treatment I’m just saying it would be appreciated.

I think there’s quite some confusion or rather lack of knowledge about boss mechanics…

No, the rats have nothing to do with that, Slime randomly switches aggro. And IF you fight the rats you would actually want a tank, however most groups don’t.

The Shaman is actually one of the strongest classes at this boss… it can walk up fairly close, its AoE dmg is strong in the ad-phase, only thing slowing it down is hoping out circles but that’s just same for the other classes.

Other than that if any class is introduced, it should be useful in all bossfights, that is a minimum for a game with such a small playerbase. I don’t know how a melee class would work, but like logan explained, the vast majority of fights are designed for ranged dps right now, which is a relic of the old game where there were no melees, not even shamans. Which most clearly shows in the 2 bosses ‘brought back’ from there btw.

It is already a problem that Mages can play everything whatsoever, while Shaman Mains are forced to level and play a ranged dps because they are useless at quite some bosses, qua mechanics. (Same as healers, however that is rather due to the real long fights and downphases of some of the bosses and players choosing not to take a healer for these).

This goes explicitly for the hardmode raid, the way it is done right now, by groups, the shamans are useless at any boss but one, Pot Tank (and here there must be enough ranged left to hit all blue orbs). So if someone only would play shaman we could not take him into the group. Even regardless of special tactics or tricks, two boss fights require dodging consecutive AoEs and a frequent switch of targets, in a vast area, while at the endboss you gotta run to the green spots every few secs, boss is invulnerable, target is a pretty fast moving ad, which all by default, by mechanics, rules out playing Shaman.
And that is just bad design, especially while random gear drops are tied to bosses. I really wished they’d either think over the boss-gear-piece tie in the forthcoming raid or alter mechanics to include more classes, however if I think of excluding all the AoE attacks which force a melee (or shaman) to move much, there would be only limited choices to make a fight still interesting, so no clue.

Possibly melee classes would need measures to endure more dmg, just like tanks, so they can be close all or most the time, however that would make them OP and rather tank-like than dps-like.

PS: To go through all dungeon content with the Shaman-Example, Crypt and BH are the only dungeons really playable from my experience (BH 1 would be superdifficult for a pure melee though, see logans post).
Sewer is fine except last Boss where Shamans are loosing out of so much dmg that they are in fact useless. At Airship Boss 1 they loose out on dmg much more than other classes, since pools cover your totems pretty often; now real melees would not have the problem of their ‘weapon’ being outta reach all the time, but pools spawning directly at the boss would give them not much a chance either.
Mine and Temple are worst, Shamans again loose out on dmg more than other classes, at all bosses, due to the movement required. Mist Keeper is only doable if someone takes over 2-3 orbs, which is difficult in less experienced grps or those without mages.

Apart from that not even the overworld is very melee-friendly, rn, many mobs are too close together for a melee to single-fight them. What some already experience when trying to grind red mobs with semi-melee Shaman pulling too many all the time :frowning: So the game would need to be changed, alot, to make playing those classes a satisfying experience.

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I want to know who has ever seen a warrior in a dungeon over a paladin, what if the warrior did dps and not tank that would make room for another tank and we would have our dps melee. Btw if you haven’t noticed I said in new content they might find a use not only is warrior less used than Paladin because Paladin has better agro and damage what would be the alternative is that they add a melee dps. If you have a problem with a melee dps not being possible I would love to hear what interesting ranged classes you can make that would work, ANY OF THEM WOULD WORK. So if you want to fight the same thing over and over then so be it, but if your going to want a game where you can actually have skill to be good like the runemage. So let’s go over the ranged classes so far.

Ranger: under rated in pvp and shoots things from range

Scoundrel: you shoot, I’ve even eaten breakfast while doing a dungeon with this because effort doesn’t exist unless your curving shots which you can do with one hand and not even use the cards (btw we had a paladin in this dungeon).

Musketeer: :palms_up_together::open_hands::raised_hands::clap: well it shoots and heals not much more to say.

Runemage: a complex game of scribble.io (does more damage than any other class).

Every other ranged class to be added or that is already in the game: you shoot you click if it takes skill to use I would love to see it added but I’d rather not sit there and get shot by 20 different classes that all do 1 thing, shoot

If they added another melee or tank I would be fine but if there’s a problem with any new melee dps classes being added to the game, then this isn’t an mmo, because virtually anything is possible in an mmo or any game. If it doesn’t work in some dungeons then why not make the class a system that would make the class interesting like bounty hunting, if a person stays in pvp for a while and doesn’t go back to highstep or if someone kills another then a bounty will pop up the bounty target gets marked on the map and you get xp for hunting that person down so like an actual bounty hunting thing not one where you just screenshot the man you killed.

The only one fighting in here is seemingly you :wink: … The rest of people try to get some information across since from all you write you seem to be a fairly new player ^^

I could not care less if there’s melees in the game or not, once boss mechanics fit to them (actually, in case you read my post there IS a kind of melee class already in the game, the shaman, and I argued for these changes, in dungeons, raids and overworld alike, which should be done for the sake of that one class already!)

There’s a lot to unpack here. I’m gonna take it point by point. Please understand I’m just trying to help you understand more about the game. I’d love to see more classes eventually.

I see Warriors over Paladins all the time. In fact, there are some bosses in high level shards that are Warrior preferred because it’s easier to tank them without a Healer.

100% disagree. Warriors have MUCH better Aggro retention, and can regain aggro easier than Paladins as well. Paladins rely on having aggro to keep it. Warriors can shield other players and spam Provoke.

Every class is skill based. This is seen by the huge DPS gaps between top tier players and mid-tier players. I’ve seen one Ranger do 19k DPS with a +6, while another did 40k DPS with a +5. Scoundrel is another great example, with the top two Scoundrels parsing in the 40-50s, while most everybody else is in the 20-30s.

Can also one shot people in PvP. A good Ranger in PvP is VERY dangerous.

Curving shots is a huge portion of your damage, and the cards are an insanely large part of the class. If you’re not using/burning your cards, you’re missing out on a TON.

Highest healing/damage mitigation. Unrivaled for keeping allies alive, great for soloing content if you want to be immortal :smiley:

Again, EVERY class is skill dependent. If you look at the players in the top guilds and compare them to mid-tier players, you’ll see a HUGE difference.

Ehhh… not really. This is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) by definition. We can’t blacksmith, we can’t adopt children, we can’t poison the water supply of the village and then offer to save it with our stacks and stacks of Obsidian that our minions have farmed for us because we’re a mob boss. The game isn’t balanced for melee DPS. You can certainly run Warrior with Small Shield as a DPS if you want, but I’d recommend keeping it to solo/small group adventures and not doing it in dungeons/raids.

Again, I’m all for more classes being implemented (a Monk was teased in the initial Kickstarter), but there’s a bit of QOL and balancing to be done before the community gets on board with that.


As a Scoundrel main, I can agree on both ends if you just want to play slow and casual, sure you don’t need to curve or burn cards. But if you want to be efficient you need to learn curves, rotations, and card burning all those things takes time to learn and effort to perfect.

I know this is a late response and didn’t scroll all the way down. The smoke bomb sounds great like how rangers have one but it’s a arrow, the only issue is that we can turn off all class visuals so smokebomb in pvp would be useless, the suggestion i would make would be a invisibility ability that would last only 3 secs, which in pvp is enough time to get away from a enemy if they aren’t good at following or fast enough.