New class should be a Druid



I think a Druid would be a nice class. I used to love turning into nature and putting thorns on people for protection. I had a top level Fury Druid in EQ2 back in the day. It is a great idea for another class.


how would the class play in game?


Carry a staff like the ents in the wilds / tradu.

Throw seeds to entangle enemies.
Have thorn vines that dot enemies ensnared.

Allow them to tame a pet mob from the wild to fight as their animal companion.

Slam staff into ground for pushback 2 spell effect.

Summon jungle boss 2 mini sapralings to aid them for x seconds.

They gain immunity to poison effects @ level 20.
And their staff slam drops a poison pool.

Animal mobs treat them as 5 levels higher to determine aggro range.

Hold staff sideways for a wall / dome of thorns.
Flick staff / aim staff to throw a ‘nature bolt’

Would be fun.

I want antlers on my head by level 30.


Yeah but how exactly would they do all of that? Gotta think about it on the technical side of things. That’s a whole lot of stuff for a simple staff wielder to do.


the last class is definitely a melee dps. this has already been stated.


I am hoping thief/assassin.


How about if the Druid is also a shapeshifter?
Lvl 5 - Wolf
Lvl 10 - Warg
Lvl 15 - a bigger Animal
Lvl 20 - Bear