New comer set the active June 8th


I just dropped a hefty sum of money for the vive pro bundle and a new computer just to set this thing up…mostly for Orbus VR. I’m very excited about trying this game as I’m a huge VR and mmo rpg fan… So everything will arrive at my house on the 8th…
Is it too soon to start putting my name out there for a good fellowship… I like to think I’m a good guy who loves grouping up and doing whatever…looking for a helpful group to guide me both in Orbus and maybe some VR questions… I’m also a husband and a Dad and my family always comes first… although I usually get to log on a lot to my games… there are nights that I will me MIA… spending some QT with them… anyway… this maybe to soon to post…but hell…I’m so freaking excited a out this new VR and game…


Get discord too!

And get Ovrdrop for $15.



Welcome to the Orbus community!!! Glad to have you !!!


@Arc_Mako Wait till June 8th then we will blast them with fireworks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yes hope you see you around.


OVRdrop, get this you’ll need it


Got it…discord and overdrop… I’ll make sure to get it