New controller setting for movement?



So I play this game on a rift and after a solid hour or so of me fine tuning the controls how I like them best I was wondering why not have one analog stick be for forwards and backwards with strafing while the other one could rotate my character? I feel like it would feel lot smoother because when I have to turn away from my sensors my movements can bug out a tiny bit like vr can at times. With this in play it will allow me to turn as well recenter my self easy before fights and other things so that my sensors will be in a good position to capture my arm movements a lot better. Anyone else feel like this at all by any chance?


That should already be an option. There’s a scroll bar on the right side of the locomotion page and at the bottom you should find a lot of configurations for that. called “left stafe, right snap”, “left strafe right smooth” and the same again with hands swapped.


You need teleport movement to dodge aoes but that is already an option as Asmund said.

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