New custom quest idea

I had a thought on an interesting addition to the game. “player quests” these would be quest made by players and the reward would be made by a player, say a fellow ship leader or someone could pay around 500 dram or something to that effect, They could select what they need for example slay 50 redtails for 100 dram or collect 10 queens ear for 300 dram. this would allow for players to have more things to do and give more of an MMORPG aspect to the game in general.


We can already do this. If I go up to you and say “go collect me 10 queens ear and I’ll give you500 dram”. You just accepted a quest. No need for game mechanics :stuck_out_tongue:

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At one point we had considered doing both “buy-side” and “sell-side” systems for Merchants, which may still happen in the future. So for example a Merchant could set up their stall to sell Healing Potions for 200 dram, and also buy Queen’s Ear for 30 dram (as long as there was enough money in the stall to pay for it).

Like Logan said, there’s nothing preventing this from happening right now already, but it might be an interesting mechanic to support.

The other thing that I think may get codified at some point is player-issued bounties, but for now I think we are just going to support that by adding something where when you defeat a player in a Wilds zone, you can acquire like a “Signet of Orrbain” or something that you could then trade to another player as “proof” to collect a bounty.


Interesting idea, I just can’t imagine why I would require someone to kill 50 red tails for me. I get the request for crafting mats but not so much for performing tasks without a clear reward for the quest giver. what’s their incentive

Entertainingly enough Johann just created his own quest.

that’s what I mean but have something like a billboard in the towns that allows you to look through multiple ones and thi first person to pick it and complete it gets the reward

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the idea it that the bounty would state the reward and have taken the items from the players inventory when the quest is made. sorry I may not have been clear

Right, I knew what you meant, I just thought the timing of his post was entertaining.

I think there are a ton of possible issues with coding a system like that. Lots of unique situations there to cause problems. Would you allow multiple people to try at once? What if they complete it at the same time? So you limit it to one person- gotta put something in to make sure they don’t hold onto it forever.

Seems like a lot less of a mess to leave it to standard player based trading.

i can dig the idea of a billboard in all major cities which allows you to access these forums and maybe the wiki page. that’s a cool way to be social

I understood you, i’m just saying for a player to player quest: player A asks player B to slay a monster. Player B gets whatever reward player A sets. but what does player A get? why did player A want player B to kill that monster? just to be nice and keep the quest mechanic relevant?
in a NPC to player quest the NPC wants you to help them get rid of a pesky monster destroying their crops or whatever. for me… I don’t have no crops, why do I want this monster dead when I don’t even get the loot(gear is soulbound).
I do like the quests asking for gathering materials and rewarding something like dram or another item.
but that is almost like the marketplace. buy your stuff there, or get dram from selling your stuff. quest-> buy my stuff

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What if it were like a job request board that you could go and pick up a job so you would claim it for yourself and if it wasnt completed in a certain amount of time it would become available to everyone again.


or like a first comefirst serve per quest. so it’s a sort of race to acquire the materials or kill the specific monsters. would suck to have to wait at the board for someone to fail.

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I have also seen in other games were they have to put in collateral if they cant complete it on time.

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