New Dev Blog: Bard


Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new blog post out today highlighting the Bard class that you’ll be able to play during next week’s beta test. Read on for more details:



This is totally amazing… will change gameplay a lot but looks real interesting and fun :smiley:


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it, will having multiple bards in a group cancel out the other bard’s effects or will they stack?


That’s something that we’ll be fine-tuning when we start doing balance passes later in the process. But as of right now a lot of the effects (for example the ones that increase speed or reduce DoT enemy damage) do not stack.

However, at the same time each Bard can only have 3 effects active at once, so you could definitely have 2 Bards with different effects active and that might be beneficial depending on the fight.

In general I would like to see us end up in a place where 10-person groups definitely want at least one bard, and where bards are valuable to take in 5 person groups as well. I don’t think it will end up in a situation where you want to take more than one bard in a 5 person group or more than 2 in a 10 person group, but we’ll have to see how the meta shapes up and how we end up balancing things.


Literally one of the most fun things to do in VR is play a musical instrument, and for that alone… The Bard looks incredibly unique and dynamic to play.

Another side note, having a high skill cap on characters is one thing I truly appreciate in any game, and can’t wait to challenge myself to learn this class. Great job!!! <3


I have no clue what’s going on in that GIF but I can’t wait to try it!


This looks fantastic! Is there going to be any bard-specific ambient music that plays when a bard’s in combat, or will it just be notes playing from mallet strikes? Something I think would be cool for the bard would be for each secondary instrument to be associated with a real life instrument, and to have that associated instrument float around the player whenever its respective orb is activated.
Can’t wait to hear more about the new classes!


Yes there is a song that plays when you are successfully hitting the notes with the correct timings in addition to the notes that the mallets themselves play (which fade down as the song fades up). Our plan is to allow you to be able to get different songs that you can equip to your off-hand slot for the Bard that will change what song plays for you.


Do you mean hitting notes will provide a real sound, allowing players to play their own melodies for fun? Similar to the Ocarina in Legend of Zelda.


Yup! You could play some music if you wanted.


That’s amazing! I love that you guys are allowing room for creativity. Promising indeed :slight_smile: can’t wait to try it out.


I was psyched for Bard before this blog. I’m even more excited now. Such a creative idea. We’re going to have a jam sesh!


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