New Dev Blog: Closed Beta Two Preview Series Part One

That’s a big long moutful to say, but there’s some great info inside, including fellowships, in-game messages, and the new Market Stalls for player Merchants! Check it out when you get a chance:


“Our first cinematic cutscenes to go along with new quests”

OMG :heart_eyes:

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Your Player Compass can also broadcast voice messages to your Fellowship (just shake it to switch between “Party” and “Fellowship” voice broadcast). So you essentially have a voice chat channel with your whole fellowship going all the time.

Will there be an Audio or Visual queue for the compass between these two modes? Can I look at it and know its on party chat, or will i need to shake it a few times to make sure I’m on the chat I desire?

Additionally, how will I be able to differentiate/filter Fellowship Voice Chat while I’m in a dungeon that requires strong coordination?

I’m very excited to play with these new toys!


I love the fellowship member limit. In a game with the population Orbus will have, having hard limits on fellowship size will prevent half the population joining 1 fellowship and force fellowships to be selective in their member choices. It will feel much more important when you know every guildie by name and voice. Good choice!

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The crystal in the middle is going to be a different color depending on what mode it is on, so you can tell at a glance.

The plan we’re using right now is to have the Party chat coming out of the Left ear, and Fellowship chat in the Right. We’ll probably also give you the option to “mute” your Fellowship incoming voice if you want to be really sure you can hear your party.


The fellowship limit is an interesting thing. Going to have to be much more selective with who we let join.

64-bit client with NVidia VRWorks support

Can’t wait to see the progress. :cowboy_hat_face:


So looking forward to the next test! (just here for the hype)

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Can we expect changes to fishing and fishing progression this coming beta (to parallel balance changes) or will those changes come later?

Additionally, when can we expect Closed Beta Two Preview Series Part Two?

Crosses finger that full locomotion is allowed in PvE combat… man that all I really want to never ever have to teleport ever. lol

I don’t think there will be any advancements to Fishing this time around, look for that next time.

The next blog post will most likely be out tomorrow.