New Dev Blog: Mounts, Cosmetic Shop, and more!


We’ve got a new blog post up with details on this Monday’s upcoming patch, including the introduction of Mounts, the Cosmetic Shop, as well as new networking improvements. Check it out:




So much awesome stuff here!!! Thank you for the blog post! (and so so much for making the mounts affect teleportation as well as sliding)

So many questions! (as always)

  • Can we apply pet abilities to the purchased pets with the special pet food?
  • Is everything from the cash shop untradeable?
  • Are there speed controls on the mount to avoid sickness if fast is a little too much?
  • If you unlock a transmog look via a RMT purchase, does it still cost dram to apply it?
  • Are the 2 hats, 1 pet, and 1 mount shown in the blog post the entirety of the initial offerings from the cash shop?
  • Can we expect any additional unique drops in expert mode such as a new cape, pets, dyes, etc?
  • Any word on the additional guild improvements? And/or the guild outfit appearances?
  • Most importantly, when can I buy the coat of midnight? :slight_smile:

Minor note: In the gif it shows pointing with both hands to summon the mount but the blog text says to use grip.


@Robert can I buy ur teleport lightning


Expert mount pls :sweat_smile:


Deslatu flattened and compressed into a disk


Riding around on one of his poison pools :joy:


This will be the make or break on buying them for me, please let us give them plunderer, rangers suffer without it


What is the % increase of mounts.

Will new x5 potion recipes be added for vit, intel, and str?


(Eating dinner but I will swing through with some answers in a bit).


Will the stuff in the store have a way to be giftable to others?


Whats for dinner???


…Allow me to add to your list of questions, Riley, you most certainly are going to be busy after dinner.

are one of these ‘disc’ mounts in the shop going to be a puffy pink cotton candy cloud…?

speeeaaking of pets… will there be more colors added to the dragons? I’d love to have a dragon that matched my outfit.

Also, will there be a salon? can we have transmog outfits for our dragons? I want a top hat for my teacup dragons…

*** edit *** nvm on the cotton candy cloud I looked again at the nimbus mount and it trails rainbows… That looks like it could be a fair compromise to a cotton candy cloud… maybe… ehhh maybe you should throw one in the shop in a couple months just in case it’s not an acceptable substitute for those of us who are too sweet to ride on any other disc-like mounts :wink:


I’d hate to be the downer here but I think the discs feel out of place in orbus. ignoring the jump to levitation technology, they just don’t feel impactful, or something I would like to be seen riding around on. I would hope in the future you might take another crack at the animal mounts as a more visually appealing offer. Presumably, all the option haven’t been shown in the blog post and I am hoping I will be wrong on this, that they are more appropriate than they appear in a 5 second gif. I was just overly hoping for a donkey drawn carriage for 5.
Additionally, any word on the position roles for fellowships, I just want the funny hats.


They could have made invisible dragon mounts. They looks so sick!.. but they are invisible… so you cant see them.


Only if you’re a fool. Clearly they are dragons of the most glorious beauty, but for some reason… morons see discs instead of dragons!!! You see, I’m no fool, they appear as dragons to me, not discs. =P


… or it’s not a technology, it’s MAGIC that’s making them fly!!!


The RP is strong in this one.


I feel like magic would still be considered technology…


mmm… we have airships… slow moving airships, but airships. I think our magicalogy is advanced enough for discs.