New Dev Blog: Mounts, Cosmetic Shop, and more!


Flying Nimbus mount? The Dragonball fan in me is screaming with joy right now


The rainbow streamer/tail is part of that mount, so you can for sure get it if you want to.


We are still undecided on this, but yes I am leaning toward allowing Windup pets (both those from the Cosmetic Shop and those like the Necro Boss that are in-game drops) to be gifted with these abilities via the treats.

Yes, everything is soulbound.

The way the mount works it increases your speed by a multiplier, so for example you can still use the same “speed” controls via the joystick or tilting your hand to control how faster or slow the mount goes. It’s just that “full speed” is now faster and “half speed” is now faster as well.

We are making a change such that the cost of transmogging is now based on the item level of the thing you are applying the transmog to, rather than the item level of the the skin. So yes it will still cost the same as applying any other transmog to that item.

No, there is more than that, but those are the 3 main categories of items.

Yes, there will be something. However, note that as we said before, the gear will scale to a higher power level, but it will be the same design as the Hard Mode Raid.

Hopefully by the end of next week. It’s about 65% done.

That’s just because I was using a Rift Touch controller and my finger was extended.


Not currently, no, but long-term that is something I would like to see added. In the mean time at least on Steam you can always gift them credit for their Steam wallet and let them purchase it themselves that way.


We’ll be doing more with the Dragons next sprint.

I’m not ruling it out by any means, but after our internal experimentation, riding around feeling like you are “standing in the middle of a horse” is not as immersive as you might think. There may be ways around that, but trust me when I say that gliding around on a disc that feels like you’re riding a skateboard or something like that actually feels more immersive in VR right now. But yeah, we’re not done with those experiments, and multiple-person mounts that are carriages or airships or something are definitely something I want to play with more.


For all my wants, i cannot account.
…But i really want a sandwich mount.


Nanana, not anything for mounts, but your special player teleportation streak of lightning, I see all treasures this world has to offer!


Oh yeah, we have been experimenting with offering the ability to equip different “teleportation effects” as a cosmetic slot.


Thanks for your answers. You missed one of my questions.

Will new x5 potion recipes be added for vit, intel, and str?


I’m not totally sure yet. We are taking a look in general as I noted in the post at the availability of those key “raiding” potions and their scarcity, that may be one of the things we end up doing to address that, but I have not made a firm decision yet.


It would be a big QoL improvement. I’ve made over 4K potions and am completely burned out from it because it takes so long to make one especially intellect pots, they are the worst. Please make a x5 potion for str, int, and vit, it would be a perfect use to add the majestic flounder for a x5 recipe.


Yup I’m now over 5000 potions and have to agree with Johann completely on this


Good work around for now for steam users, kinda interested, what are the prices going to range to/from?


$3.99 - $9.99 are the current prices.


I’m glad we have some purely cosmetic options for the paid items. It’s an outlet for us to essentially donate to the dev’s while not effecting gameplay in any pay2win fashion.


Glad to see the prices are good! How many items will be in the store on release?


Really like the idea of cosmetic teleporting animations.


There was a burger mount in Jimmy Neutron! Haha



Expert mode gear spoilers


That’s exactly what I said xD
Getting it as soon as I possibly can


I’m shook because of the pink cloud…

I need


Can I buy a segway mount? I think it’d be kinda fun… heh