New Dev Blog: Mounts, Cosmetic Shop, and more!




Will there be “celebratory items” in the shop tomorrow? Maybe in gun form? :grimacing:


Or an item that would give your firework a random color ? :smiley:


I’m on Windows Mixed Reality using Steam… I can’t buy the mounts from the store! Whenever I click on it, I can hit the checkmark, but it doesn’t do anything after that… It won’t let me purchase the gear.

I want to buy them though! haha I’m really trying! >.<


Hmmm…if you take off your headset after clicking the checkmark, is there an overlay on top of the OrbusVR application asking you to authorize it?

If not double-check that you are launching it via Steam, and also that the Steam In-Game Overlay is not disabled or something like that.


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