New Dev Blog: OC5 Recap and What's Next


Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new forum post up today with a recap of our adventures to Oculus Connect 5 and a quick recap of where we’re at on Reborn and what’s next. Enjoy!



Really can’t wait to dive into the reborn world! I’ll reserve my usual pile of questions for the next blog post, but I did want to ask about the status of the Defend the Realm world event.

It’s been over a month now since DtR has started and it’s become a little rote each week. Players are still helping each other get their points, but interest has started to flag and there is a bit of a sentiment that some of the community was hoping for more/different activities as time wore on. Are there any plans for anything like that or should we plan to Defend the Realm as is for the time being? Thanks in advance!


The plan is for the event to get more engaging soon, yes. We are obviously in a bit of a situation where we are dividing our time between keeping the current content engaging and working on the new game. But our goal is definitely not for it just to be the same “kill stuff collect stuff” thing every week.


So glad OC5 was a success! The hype never dies but the kindling is catching fire once again :+1:


Great to hear how Orbus is getting more and mire recognition. Too bad Oculus connect was too far away for me :frowning: would have loved to pop in.


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