New Dev Blog: Q3 Sprint Four: Dragon Pet Sightseeing, Defend the Realm


(Also just in case anyone is mashing refresh on the website, the realm-wide total only updates once every 5 minutes or so…it’s showing 10 points right now but there have already been more than 10k points collected, so give it a few minutes and it should show that.)


Any news about the dragons update?


The dragon sightseeing? It’s live too! I just didn’t add any further notes because I thought the blog post covered it pretty well haha.


Will the challenges become more difficult and take more time? Because this one was extremely easy and I really want to do more…


I just gave a special treat to my dragon but its happiness level is Ecstatic rather than Gleeful (max level)
EDIT: nevermind, looks like i got desyced and after relogging it’s gleeful.


In a way, yes. The event will evolve and mix that up a bit. From the blog:

In the beginning these will be basic materials and ingredients, along with far-away foes such as Aberrations; but as the event progresses, more powerful items will be needed, and the threat will be increasing, requiring concerted effort by many guardians if Highsteppe is to be defended.


The pet thing. Does it have to be a dragon pet? Will we see it or will the dragon find it?


Any pet works, and you’ll see it in the world.


I’ve never heard of either of this week’s monsters so I assume they’re higher levels. If this is just the first week and it only gets harder, how is anyone under lvl 15 suppose to hit their quota?


are you going to announce or have a set time when the world bosses spawn in for this event or is it just poof defend the realm at 3am xD. also are there consequences for failing to defend the realm?


Is there a point to hiding the community goals for Defend the Realm? If the entire point is to get the community to keep up their interest, wouldn’t it make more sense to reveal all the rewards and have many more tiered rewards that carry over into Reborn? There should be rewards every step of the way rather than at huge intervals.

This way people are more excited to help out to get those long term rewards. Most games don’t obfuscate community goals for that very reason.

Also the kill quests should have targets for every level bracket too as Troy_S1 pointed out. Same with resources. Rather than having to figure out or ramp up what is needed each week since, to be honest, there isn’t reasoning other than lore purposes.


It is actually going to get easier in a few weeks when the level scaling rolls out. At that time the monsters required will all be level scaled so people can do them regardless of level. We purposely took that into account when deciding to only require you to get 18,000 points (out of 30,000 possible points) for the minimum threshold.

When we reach that point we’ll have more info, but yes there will be some set times announced in advance.

I think I already addressed this earlier, we are waiting to see what the participation level is like before revealing the rest of the goals and the point requirements so we can tune them to an appropriate level for the number of folks participating. There are going to be some goals that are going to be difficult to reach but at the same time we don’t want any of them to be impossible – so I’d rather not announce a goal prematurely that no one can reach.


There is another patch going out here in about 30 minutes that adjusts the scaling on Boss 3, 4, and 5 on the Raid bosses by reducing their hitpoints by approximately 20% on all levels of difficulty.


How many special pet treats are there?


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