New Dev Blog: Reborn Spotlight -- Missions, Critter Capture, and new Monster AI


Here’s some new details on the Reborn Beta taking place this week. Read on and let us know what you think!

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will it be mechanically possible to hit lvl 30 in the beta, and is there a reward for doing so?


The Level Cap of this first test is Level 5. There’s really not enough content that will be in yet that you would want to go all the way to 30 haha.

It’s also very possible we will be wiping characters after this test.

Long-term when we get closer to the game being out yes the full game will be available to Beta test including through Level 30. I’m not sure if there will be a reward or not yet but at the very least there will likely be an achievement.

I’ll provide a lot more guidance on what exactly is in the test on Friday, what type of feedback we’re looking for specifically, etc. in tomorrow’s post.


Can you predict the mobs “Dodge”?

Like for example it looks like the mage has 0 time to hit the Mob because he dodges last second which doesn’t seem fun.

As a ranger can I predict every x attack he’s going to dodge and hit him or is he going to dodge once my attack is mid air and it’s essentially a guaranteed miss?


I’m really interested to play around with the dodge mechanic and see how it develops. Currently, there is basically an internal timer where the monster will only dodge so often. So a good strategy might be, use a lesser spell to get it to dodge then follow it up with a bigger, slower spell that you know it won’t be able to dodge.

It’s also interesting because very small projectiles (such as Ranger arrows and Musketeer bullets) are not dodged, but the plan (although it currently doesn’t do this as of this very moment) is for things like Ranger charged shots to be dodged. So again, a possible strategy might be save your Charged Shot for interrupting spellcasts (since it won’t dodge while casting), and then use your regular ability arrows in-between.

My hope with the dodging mechanic is that a) it leads to players having to play a little smarter rather than just “okay use this same attack over and over again” since different attacks will be reacted to by the monster in different ways, and b) it actually lends unique strategies to group play, where for example you might have one person who purposefully triggers a dodge to them be followed up by a barrage of attacks from other members of the group.

With all these new Monster AI mechanics, basically the main goal is just to get combat more active by increasing player agency in the fight. You dodging incoming attacks, having to think a little more about what attack you are responding with, having to re-position yourself on the battlefield more strategically. This represents one approach to that, and we’re interested to get feedback from folks on how much it helps us accomplish those goals.


Sounds like you are on the right track. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply,


Will monsters give any experience/gold/materials/etc directly when killed if not part of a quest?


They will continue to be a source of ingredients and dram. They will give some XP but it will be much less than before relatively.

Essentially the way we see this going is:

Weekly Missions = One Time Bonus > Public Events and Dungeon Queues > XP for previously-done things (including killing monsters)

So if you were wanting to maximize your XP/hour, you would want to do all your weekly missions first (these are kind of like a form of “rested XP” in other games if you want to think of it that way), as well as prioritizing anything you haven’t done yet (so any named monsters you haven’t killed once, any courses you haven’t beaten, and dungeons you’ve never completed, etc.). If you run out of all of that and you are still looking to get XP before the missions reset, then you would fall back on public events and dungeons to get XP from those, and then if you don’t want to do that you can just do things you’ve already done previously but the XP won’t be nearly as good as the “Tier 1” stuff.

Although we obviously haven’t gotten to a point where I have put in the XP data yet, the general idea is that you would get most of the leveling of a class or two out of the way just via the first-time bonuses and weekly mission XP (assuming one or two cycles of that and doing all of the activities available), and then if you were leveling subsequent classes you would fall back on the lower-tier stuff (assuming you are a more hardcore player). More casual players would be able to basically just rely on the first-time bonus and mission XP all the time to level up classes, since there will be around 6-8 hours of content to do every week just for those.

It’s also worth noting the total time to go from 1-30 will be significantly less than the previous time to go 1-20. Probably more like 30-40 hours instead of 60-100. The reason being a) we want to make it easier for people to level up multiple classes if they choose (and the new gear system also encourages this), and b) with the dynamic scaling in place, there’s really no reason to make it arbitrarily hard to get the max level.

A good chunk of the game’s design and focus is really about what you do at Level 30, including new dungeons, raids, and lots and lots of horizontal progression via things like transmog styles, capes, achievements, pets, etc. All of the overworld content is also designed to be evergreen and just as valuable to Level 30s and Level 1s.


Looks like we’ll have a lot to play around with this test. My inner hype beast is thrashing in anticipation!


Buy the inner beast a ticket for the train, no sense keeping it penned up.


I’m notorious for never having more than 300 dram. Tickets aren’t free! Thankfully it’s only a couple days until the most anticipated Orbus event in recent history!


Trains in Orbus Reborn, confirmed! :wink:


haha only HYPE trains


How will this all work with fishing exp? Currently level 20 fishing is the biggest grind with least reward (excluding the 18k+ fish you get) that there is in Orbus, there wasn’t even an achievement at the end of it. Will this still be the case in reborn or will you adjust the exp per fish and make the rare fish worth more exp or anything like that?


Honestly fishing probably makes more sense as a core activity like those I mentioned above (e.g.with missions, an NPC with reputation, reputation rewards, etc.) than as a whole class like it is now. We have a new system that allows us to basically “load in” modules to the Player Avatar so we could move the fishing pole to the tool slot and allow you to be both a Warrior and a Fisher at the same time if that makes sense.

That’s not implemented yet in the current Beta, but that’s the direction I see it going.


That’s awesome news! Will this be able to carry over the fishing gear too?


So if we go that route the fishing gear would be offered as transmog styles.


Okay cool! Would that mean no more stat increases for fishing or would they be moved on to rods and have various different rods? Guessing too soon to say? :sweat_smile:


All this looks pretty fun and can’t wait! Any idea when the last 2 classes will be announced?