New Dev Blog: Spotlight on World PvP, Battlegrounds, and Public Events


There will be like 1-2 public events up at any given time in the world. Most of them are on a rotation where they happen multiple times per day, although we have plans for some that happen more rarely than that.

I mean, that’s why the World PvP is opt-in. We may designate some areas in the world as “safe zones” (such as the area directly adjacent to Highsteppe or areas around graveyards so you can’t get spawn-camped), but for the most part I’m seeing World PvP as a risky activity for any level of player that you can choose to opt-in to if you want that risk.

I also think if you are wanting a more “honorable” PvP experience, then that’s the niche Battlegrounds now fill. World PvP will likely continue to be fairly “cutthroat.”

There will be 4 dungeons available at launch which are matched content that you can queue up for at any level. These same 4 dungeons will then have shard-level versions available at launch that you can jump into (and which are not matched content). We anticipate the first raid coming out ~6 weeks post-launch as well.


Will the battlegrounds have some sorts of power ups that are placed on the field which you can use in the battleground while fighting?
Also will there be battlegrounds with random “events” e.g. worms pop up or holes in the ground or fire spreading out?
Lastly how can non participants watch these fights? Will there be a tavern with a monitor or are the battlegrounds at places where everyone can watch or will there be rows of seats to which we can tp to watch?


Are the capture points based on numbers of people or by capturing a flag without being hit for like 8 seconds?


All of this looks exciting.

I think that is the point of opt in and opt out PvP. If you get ganked you can turn it off or get friends to help out and go try and kill the guy that got you. I would imagine most players would opt out while they are low level. It doesn’t make sense to have contested zones since you can opt in and out of PvP.


that sounds like a fun idea Alex_F, I personally will likely never turn on PVP but watching my friends play might be interesting. I would be concerned that it might spoil some of the fun for folks that are trying to be rogue’ish and sneak up on others, spectators could easily give away their positions.

Otherwise, I’m interested in how mixed parties will work? As I’m not into PVP, but my friend might be, will we be able to team up as a mix PVP/non-PVP group? Will I be able to heal them during non-PVP combat?


Sorry, I was under the assumption that everyone will have pvp enabled. I assume so because of exp gain. I appreciate the feedback.


Yup that’s what normally happening with open world pvp, the later you start the more doomed you are and once the server is controlled by the early birds you would not have any chance. Happened times and times again in Ark when endgame guilds turned whole servers into no-go areas for newbs :slight_smile: However, Ark was flooded by players, Orbus is not, so it’s unlikely that happens. Also you can just opt out and level first and then turn it on for better farming when you can defend yourself. Or so I suppose it works.
That pve-players are automatically become sort of 2nd class players - doing same activities for less rewards - is still not what I like or understand. If Orbus was bigger a separate server for pvp would be nicer (also because it becomes a bit of a tedious joke if people turn it on-off-on-off every time they are alone in an area…). But well in other games you pay real money to get 10% bonuses and storage and what not, so it’s never all equal and I can well live with it.


Fortunately turning PVP on and off is limited to specific areas "You can only choose to enable or disable your World PvP status inside of Highsteppe (or your Player House). "


Friendly fire is going to be a problem. And what about world bosses…affliction on a giant raid party would be very bad.


@roger_k World bosses are obviously area’s where you can’t pvp. Although it would have been very interesting to see that chaos if pvp was enabled in world boss area’s. For friendly fire: party members you will never be able to hit. And some toggle for not being able to hit ppl on your friend list can also be added to even expand this. But I think that is not even needed.


Would be a little stupid if you could’t PvP in world boss areas though if you can everywhere else… Some of the best moments from WoW for myself have come from trying to tackle a world boss while the opposing faction is trying their hardest to screw things up for your group!


Even when World PvP is enabled, if you are all in the same party you will not deal damage to each other.

We’re not sure how we’re doing World Bosses this time around just yet, but it’s somewhat likely they will be part of the Public Events system (e.g. you get to “Phase 4” of a public event which spawns in a World Boss…although I wouldn’t want to mess with the ability to have multiple attempts at a world boss in a row, so maybe that won’t work). That’s in the overworld which means if you have Open World PvP on it would be a PvP area.

But at any rate, whether you’re talking about Public Events, World Bosses, or just normal questing, either you’ll want to have everyone in the same party, or that’s just one of the “downsides” to having World PvP on.

I’m not really designing this system assuming you are just going to turn it on and leave it on 24/7. I think there are times you will want it on (like if you are wanting to engage in PvP specifically or if you are harvesting or questing), but there will likely be other times you want to turn it off (e.g. if your primary goal is to participate in a World Boss event). I don’t think it’s possible or that we should try to design it to account for every scenario where you are going to want it on all the time – there should be some drawbacks and risks to having it on, that’s part of the fun.


Have you considered increasing the rewards the longer you have pvp turned on?

I enjoyed that in WoW as well.


Or extremely funny/satisfying!


Will you be coming back to Orbus or are you permanently out including reborn? @Vassago


We will be back:)…


I mean only a couple people from your “crew” still play :/. I just haven’t talked to you in a while so I look forward to catching up. That is if “you” want too.

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