New dungeon balance improvements needed

We want a longer spin phase after is is done shooting the blue bubbles so all classes will be able to reposition before the invulnerability phase is over and not loose more dps then classes that don’t have to reposition. Otherwise only mages and shamans will be able to dps immediately after the bubbles and the others don’t. Which would be unfair.

I see what you’re saying. I can increase the spinning phase and keep the bubbles at a the same rate it gets shot at so it’s definitely doable. I’d be interested to see if this makes it even harder to finish shards since the down time is longer or if it just makes things easier for rangers.

Crab boss spin time has been increased. The bubbles shot out will happen at the same rate and will still only shoot 5 while spinning. To account for the time between spin start and splash the status effect has also been increased. The time between spins has also been slightly increased.

That will probably be all the changes made for now until we get further feedback from these new changes.


the bubble stacks still wear off, if you grab the first bubble spawn itll wear off by jump. kinda annoying


I like the chaos bat mechanics where it homes in on a player and blows up when it dies. Not nice for the players but a different mechanic.

The toad is also a pain as it duplicates itself.

I would suggest the cloud released by the squids should be less persistent.

The wave ring becomes invisible at a certain height making it impossible to dodge.

That’s bumped up a bit again so should feel better now.


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