New Forum Category Request: Fellowship Recruitment

Given that fellowships are slated to go live in the next closed beta test, it seems like there may be value to creating a new category specifically for Fellowship Recruitment and announcements.

This section would allow newly formed/forming guilds to showcase their values and focuses for the player base before everyone tries to figure it out in-game during the playtest window, or on secondary channels that not all players have access to or interest in using.

Barring that, we’ll likely start to see fellowship posts go up in uncategorized, which is maybe fine too as I know I view the forums as “all categories” anyway.

Just wanted to throw the idea out there and see what people thought.


Would be a good feature for sure !

That’s a good idea @Draven. I’d like to see that as well.

I agree. I’d like to see multiple fellowships pop up before beta 2 and see how they differ from each other. (Orbus guilds have the freedom to be anything)

I added a new category for it. We should have a blog post early next week that discusses the fellowship system among other topics. I can say though that we have made the decision to only allow you to be in a single Fellowship at once, because there is going to be a lot more going into them than just a “group chat.”

However, the new Private Messaging system that we have implemented allows you to message anyone in-game that’s on your friends list, so if you are for example a crafter who wants to maintain a network of connections that you can contact when you need to get materials and that sort of thing, you’ll be able to contact them via that method as well.


Can you expand on these new chat options?

How will “fellowship chat” be enabled?

Likewise, how will messaging be implemented? (Mail courier?)

I’m perfectly happy waiting for the dev blog.

Awesome, this is great info Riley, and thank you for creating the new category!

Can’t wait to hear more next week!

Haha, yes I will cover all of that in the Dev Blog! :slight_smile:


Personal carrier pigeons. The private messaging system must be carrier pigeons.

On a more serious note, will the too many friends bug be fixed this test?

If you mean, the inability to see your whole friends list when you have lots of friends, yes that should be fixed now.

Are we going to be able sort them based on certain groups or will it just be one long list. (if your going to address this in the dev blog, I can wait)

The hype train is back in action! All aboard to Devblogtown!

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I know, it’s so hard to wait for the next blog. I need the blog now, damn it:) lol

I had thought of making like a ‘Favorites’ list so you could have lots of friends but still keep a separate list of the ones you care most about. We could certainly consider adding categories or something for you as well.

In addition, the Private Messaging system is set up in such a way that once you initiate a conversation with someone, you’ll mostly be chatting with them in the same PM, so it’s not like you’ll have to re-find them in your friends list over and over again.

But yeah we’re definitely open to suggestions once the system is in place for how people are using it so we can keep improving it.

Have you considered a call system where you can call your friend so you can talk to him on the (magical) phone? Or use that call system to join fellowship group calls? This way you can almost eliminate the use of typing.

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I 2nd this. I’d like to phone a friend even if it overrides party or guild voice chat.

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Ha, makes me think of Log Horizon.

while we are at it why not use the private call that way players can send a private message to other players in the fellowship or friends list . or just write an audio message for other players to receive like in SAO or something

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You…dick…had to bring it up​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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