New Gear VR? Could it run on it?

Have you ever tried to compile it for Gear VR for fun? I know she only has a controller that wouldn’t work for the game, but I would be interested to know if it works in terms of performance.
The game seems to be using low poly and many of the Gear VR apps have good graphic. Wall e. g. has even multiplayer and it works great on my Gear VR.

Samsung Galaxy S8 + Gear VR 2017 Edition + Gear VR Controller

As cool as this would be, I just feel like it would not handle it. at least not long enough for a good gameplay session, lack of cooling would probably destroy the device. Not to mention it’d need at least 4-8GB RAM to support and hold all the stuff because Orbus is open world with minimal load screens. I don’t know the minimum requirements for the game so I can’t say for sure but I don’t think the 2.3Ghz processor could handle all of that very well. You have to keep in mind it still has to run it’s phone processes in the background as well so the 4GB or RAM it has is really more like 3 to 2.5GB of free RAM.

But maybe after some further testing and all who knows it might can be polished out enough to be a possibility.

Or maybe inhouse streaming from PC to Gear VR?
But there is always the problem with the controller.

But there are the rink controller for gear vr (from samsung but not yet available) - full motion hand controller…as far as i know and saw last year. Maybe for a future Gear VR?
Then…a Orbus on a Gear VR with inhouse Streaming from the PC, could work.

I doubt gearvr could have full motion controllers - the only thing that could track the controllers is the front camera - tracking stops as soon as your hands are out of sight (ie grabbing your weapon/shield and the compass would never work easily)

OrbusVR and gearVR - i doubt it would ever happen

You should be able to rig something together with VRidge and NOLO VR.It however will certainly be a sub-par experience, in comparison to running a proper roomscale VR setup. Especially with a game that makes as heavy use of the motion controllers as Orbus does.

If you already have a PC that could support this setup you might as well invest the 400-500$ and get yourself a Rift (instead of the NOLO for 200$).

I can’t wait until there are proper wireless full VR HMD solutions like what TPCAST is working on.

Oculus is working on a standalone Headset. It schould be stronger than Mobile VR at this time.

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