New house bugs - dram upgrade amount and shaman in mirror

Two bugs!

  1. The chest upgrade says 10,000 dram but is actually 100,000 dram.

  2. The shaman mask does not show in the mirror even when active (belt items hidden)

Otherwise, really like the house!


For #1, it will be fixed in the next patch, thank you for letting us know.

For #2 it’s just a limitation of how the second cameras work like the raven cam, we can’t display weapons at the moment unfortunately, and technically the mask counts as one.

Quick update, I was incorrect, other weapons do show up - we have a fix for the Shaman mask for the next patch.

Keep in mind you will have to “unsheathe” them by reaching over your shoulder and grabbing for them to show up.


Thank you!!! You guys rock.

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Is it possible to see mouth animations in the mirror next to the transmog cupboard? I really would like a way to see the animations as that would effect my choice of mouth if use a barber token.

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When you say fixed, do you mean fixed so it is actually 10,000 or fixed so that it says 100,000?

Spent 200,000 before realizing the issue.

100k is the intended price.

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Thank you for clarifying.

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