New legendary transmogs seem off


It seems almost all of the legendary transmogs are disliked by most ppl. Just want to bring this out and see everyones opinion on this.


I’m pretty sure my bow is just moose horns



Yeah seriously, the sword,wand and bow looks pretty shitty the hammer and musky weapon okayish, but only okayish
(Havent seen the others legendarys yet) but naahhhh please come on it should be looking super nice and cool… like in the old game :frowning:

The weapon styles in oldbus were way better than in reborn so far


Bring fishbow transmog back and i’ll be happy, I don’t understand why that wasn’t back cause It isn’t like armour as we don’t change the size of our weapons


I also would like to see the option to dye the weapons, way to many things are just grey in this game …


mallets look pretty terrible too


Guys should see the shaman weapon. Oh wait.


I think there’s a thematic issue with the mage wands. In old orbus, your wand got more intricate and magical as you progressed: it went from a stick, to a burned stick, to a carved stick, to a bone, to a crystal, to a crystal with a snake. Now, all of the leveling wands are intricate and mostly metal. They’re of varying colors and shapes, but all the same type of thin metalwork. The skeleton wand is a unique and more magical variant for dungeons, which is cool. Instead of getting more fancy, the max level shard wand is a basic wooden wand. I like this wand because it’s set apart from the common metal fancy wands, and it feels more magical by being simple and natural. I was expecting the legendary wand to also set itself apart, but it’s just another fancy metal wand. It has small pieces and a curvy handle with a thin point, just like most of the other basic wands. There aren’t any jewels, magical creatures, or anything to make it feel different than the others. Sure, it has wings, but they just feel like a different design of the same base wands instead of something legendary.


Yaa exactly, as you said a wand should have sparkles or jewels or creatures or whatever, and color, why is everything in this game just grey or brown meeehhhh!


They do seem very quickly put together… like 1 was designed in Maya and then the other models were slightly modified to match using the previous model.


The harvester 3 looks pretty cool, can I get this as a weapon?:rofl:

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There isn’t a Shaman. There’s a Sham. Get it?
Because it’s an unfinished class


I’m also unimpressed by the legendarys. just makes me want the old transmogs more.

The Bow looks different but not to most peoples taste. the Bard mallets look the same as i think the leveling or shard mallet but with a different handle but nothing special. Shaman has nothing :expressionless:. Warrior and paladin i believe is just the base with wings attached if I’m looking at the right ones? Thinking about it are they just the base models with some white wings at the bottom?

I appreciate all the work it takes but please go back to the drawing board with these current legendarys. Add more colour and uniqueness to each weapon with the class in mind. (e.g. wand has colourful magic gems and the bard has music inspired mallets - maybe maracas?)

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In my opinion all of my musky weapons have looked the same thus far. Making unique looking weapons and armor too would be great

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All of the legendaries look distinctly un-legendary. They look fine as normal weapon models, but when i hear legendary i think there is going to be something that really sets it apart from the other weapons (i know there is another affix) Even just allowing players to dye (primary and accent) on legendaries would go a long way.

Or were you specifically going for an Indiana Jones, holy grail vibe?


There seems to be a lot of things that looks odd in the game. Not just weapons but mounts also. The hoverboard thing and magic carpet are okay I guess since we can’t get regular horses/wolves/giant boars that we usually see in fantasy games… But a cauldron? That’s just weird and nonsense, why would anyone use a cauldron to move around it just looks like they ran out of ideas.

Same goes with the scoundrel class using a six shooter style pistol in a medieval setting where people are also using muskets and swords/hammers…

I know this is pure fantasy and pretty much everything is allowed but it still has to be coherent otherwise the game just ends up looking weird as more and more items are being added.

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That is preference. Having a cauldron as mount is not something bad. Just something you don’t like seeing but some others do.

The fact that some ppl started complain about things not being coherent was part of why we got in the mess off all mobs looking boring (not the full reason though).

The legendary weapons are uniformly disliked though. At-least that was the purpose of this thread finding out if they are uniformly disliked or not.

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Definitely disliked.

Something every game should have and every game should use is an ever increasing “coolness” factor for gear ups. Fine if they want to use two styles for leveling content, but after that every higher bit of gear, weapons armor, or otherwise, should be cooler than the last one.

Ideas to add coolness:

  • Add designs. People like designs, especially if they can be dyed. Maybe use runes for them. Maybe just do a celtic look or something.
  • Add spikes. People love spikes. The more spikes the cooler it is (obviously to a point :wink: but that point may be up for debate).
  • Add weapons on armor pieces. Even if they’re not functional, you can make even an ordinary item look cooler with a dagger or pistol or something on it.
  • Most importantly, you can use animal motifs (part of the design thing), but generally just using anything that could be found in a caveman’s repertoire is not good (unless you’re going for themed content and even then people are not likely to use it)

also while all the weapons share the common theme of wings, there is no reason for that theme. non of the enemies ingame even have wings, so where are they coming from?