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I’m fairly new to OrbusVR, but have played loads of other VR games through my Oculus. The movement in OrbusVR feels slow, because it is teleporting/sliding, specially when compared to the size of OrbusVR maps. I think the current system looks neat in how it generates the square paths you can go to, however they bog down loads in combat (i’ve had to run away from fights I couldn’t handle in order to complete quests). But I feel like it is both too small of a jump, but also (as previously mentioned) slower.

My thoughts on a solution, or option, is to do:
1:Player holds and chooses spot to move to
2:If (spot is too far OR spot has obstacle OR spot is out of bounds)
3: Deny movement
5: Perform jump [slide/teleport]
(I hope this is easy enough to read. I attempted to write is in sudo style for simplest explanation)

This removes the performance cost of mapping out the area a player can move to by only calculating IF the player tries to move to a spot- it also makes movement fast by not having to wait for the movement area to be drawn. Now, clearly some limits would be needed, and here is my addition to make this system more worth while. Pretty much, this ties into adding player skills- but it could be calculated by player’s level. Whichever it is, said level would determine how far a player can move. With this, a ‘stamina’ bar could be added in, where moving more would lower stamina and decrease the distance one can travel- until stamina can be returned to normal.

You seem to be suggesting the system that is already in place. The expanding grid is a visual representation of your stamina, and movement is intentionally slower in combat.

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The grid has problems, as mentioned. It does a TON more processing than my suggested method, and i see it produce new square layers really slow while fighting, and it is just really slow for general player movement. I understand the map is big, but waiting for the squares to completely produce is a buzz kill. It’s like driving 5 feet, stop and wait, drive 5 feet, stop and wait, drive 5 feet, stop and wait… on and on.

You actually have a stamina bar. It´s pretty small but out of combat it never goes down and you can move as much as you want but in combat it goes down every time you move “fast” (Teleporting or sprint (pressing the grip button))

You’re not waiting for the map to process, you’re waiting for your stamina to recharge. As Tiperz mentions, you have a stamina bar you can look at for confirmation.

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I did not know there was even stamina in it already, it’s just how the movement area is draw while inside a fight, I could only assume it was lagging in that area. I don’t remember any sight of information for stamina nor any stamina bar.

However, a piece I just remember that is a downfall of how it currently works, is that if the angle is just a bit too much- it won’t add to the area to walk or draw past that point. Logically, yes, if a spot is too steep a person can’t walk on it ‘easily’. An area that it is easy to see this is if you walk on the slightly upper hill portion near the witch’s cave, it will stop drawing down the hill and only draw along it at the same level. a normal human could both walk up and down that hill portion (with a small degree of difficulty on the going up part). This could be purposeful, but it is what I notice.

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