New Oculus Quest player can't play

Bought game last night and about to delete and request a refund. I am stuck at the character create screen and can’t progress. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted Oculus Quest to no avail. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, sorry for the issues, hopefully we can help. What seems to be the problem? When you’re in the character select screen, are the buttons missing to create a character or is it something else?

Thank you.

The create new character button is there. I created my character, hit create character, it resets everything but displays the character name I just created over the avatar. It’s an endless loop, and there is a blank slanted display through the avatar the first time I log in, as though there is something there that didn’t fully render.

Okay, I’m trying to envision exactly what you mean is happening so I took a few screenshots of my experience when creating a new character and maybe you can point out what’s different.

So everything before the third screenshot looks the same for you, but once you press create character at the bottom, you essentially start back at the top with the name you previously selected above it?

Just to be extra sure, because I’ve made that mistake during testing, you are hitting the create button at the very bottom after making your choices, and not the one on the left side, correct? I ask because I’ve done that accidentally before and it does “loop” like you’re talking about when you do that.

That may be it, not exactly intuitive. I will click the bottom create character and see if that is my problem. Thanks

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