New orbus lore theory - the lighthouse part 1

While I was playing through the new quests yesterday I noticed a few things odd about the lighthouse, first is in its design, second is it’s need for runemage reagents, and lastly the odd cave at the bottom of the island. I believe that with all of these things together this might actually be a chaos portal let me explain because it’s kinda a big theory but the evidence is there to support it. First we will go over it’s shape. Something I noticed while looking at it is that it has a striking resemblance with to the new home teleportation device that supposedly can take you through dimension. The part that is most similar to the two is the 4 arched pillars on the top of the machines. This could just be a cool design choice just for looks but it could also be a way of hinting to us that they have the same technology.
Secondly the big thing that makes me think that it’s a portal is the fact that one of the main things that powers the “light” is the runemage reagent! As far as we have seen runemage reagents are mainly only used to cast portals and if you have enough of them you can make portals to other realms. This is almost just telling us it’s a portal!!
Lastly this one is a little more far fetched is that there is a little cave below the lighthouse that you can go into and currently it’s empty (I even used a Ithacac potion in there and didn’t see anything.) my prediction is that the portal we will use to travel between dimensions will be in the cave and at the top of the light house because if it was at the top of the lighthouse then if you wanted to go to the top of the lighthouse to get a good view you would be teleported to another dimension which wouldn’t always be fun for anyone who didn’t want to go there so putting it out of the way would make sense.
I’m sorry in advance to the devs for figuring out the big plot twist of the lighthouse before it’s even been out for 24 hours. Also part 2 will be about who is making the portal and why so make sure you look at that!! It will hopefully be out tomorrow