New orbus lore theory!

kinda spoilers ahead but not really

ok so we all know how we all killed stephotp and markos came through the portal before we did right well I have a theory that markos is dead and the markos we see is stephotp shapeshifted as markos (yes stephotp can shapeshift)

the enraged stephotp we fight might not even be stephotp, maybe its a clone or another guy entirely. think about it… helga says that markos came out of the portal way before we came out. this doesn’t make sense because if we haven’t defeated stephotp yet then he should still be under the mind control but yet he isn’t

also we don’t see markos once while in the raid and there is no way to get to the portal out unless you take the path we took which makes me think that markos has been dead for 19 years…

all of the guards are stephotps guards but shouldn’t they be markos’s guards because markos is the king? not if markos is dead.

also its said that markos hasn’t left the citadel sense its been summoned did he not leave because he was mind controlled or because he was dead… stephotp already had full power so there would be no use for markos anymore and if he did need him he could just shape shift

but what do you think. do you think its the real markos?


Lot’s of enthusiasm here! I haven’t gotten that far yet but it sounds like you got a good handle on it.

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