New Patch: 2.13

There is a new patch available now. Just restart your Launcher to get it. The details of what’s changed are on the Patch Notes section of the Wiki:

We are taking down the server for around 10 minutes to deploy the server side patch. Please be sure to download the latest version of the game by fully exiting and re-opening your Launcher as if you don’t NPCs may stop talking to you due to changes we made with that system :slight_smile:

Here is an alternate download link as well:


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I just put out a small client-side patch (less than 80 MB total). This patch reverts some previous changes to the way shadows were set which I think was leading to new performance issues. Thanks!

We just put out another small client-side patch that hopefully improves the in-game voice chat features. Let me know if you see any improvements there. Thanks!

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